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Better late than never?
Better late than never?

Better late than never?

Oh, I had such high hopes for yesterday. I had a snarky, yet charming, Dear So and So/Friday Fragments post all planned out in my head. And then I lost my brain and everything in it. If you see my brain, do let me know. It’s a gray, squishy thing, goes by the name of Harv. I don’t know why, just answers to that. Weirded me out too.

Did you see the story yesterday? The one that had cardiologists around the country picking out their boats? Yes kids, it’s Deep Fried Butter! Butter. Battered. Deep fried. Makes mozzarella sticks look like diet food. For the record, I have had a deep fried Twinkie (ohhhh, it was heavenly), and have nothing against deep fried anything. But butter?

Hey! It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! Sing with me now! “It’s the end of the world as we know it…” Yup, the President is addressing the nation’s kids this week and the shit is not only hitting the fan, it’s going through the air ducts, and into the water supply. Seriously? People are getting their knickers in a knot because the President of the United States, and a parent of two young kids, wants to address other kids about the importance of working hard and staying in school??? What the HELL is everyone smoking? This is a President who recognizes that children have intelligence and is addressing that intelligence…the intelligence that a lot of parents seem to be lacking. This is a President who recognizes that almost every.single.decision he makes will affect these kids; if not immediately, then as they grow into adulthood. (I’m pretty sure his decision of what to eat for breakfast won’t affect their lives, but pretty much every other one will). The last four Presidents, of both parties, ignored children. Ignored. And, for the record, No Child Left Behind ignores children. Ignores their aforementioned intelligence, ignores their well-being, and ignores how they learn. Period. The last four Presidents, of both parties, had their chances to address the nation’s children and didn’t. As a parent, I wouldn’t care if a Republican President addressed my kids. IT GIVES ME A CHANCE TO DISCUSS WITH MY CHILD WHAT HE SAID AND HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT. Gasp! Talk to kids about politics? Bet your sweet ass. How else do kids learn? As a student under Reagan and Bush I, do you know how cool it would have been to have class halt for 30 minutes to have the President recognize and address us? And then get to discuss it afterwards? We as a society are making our kids stupid by pulling out these kinds of learning opportunities because we’re afraid it’s going to be politicized. Afraid of our kids’ questions. (Dude, I am so past that fear). There’s a serious cranial-rectal inversion going on these days. I don’t know if my sons will get to see the Presidential address live. Our district has left it up to each individual teacher, aka COP OUT. Regardless of what their teachers decide, I will sit down with the boys and watch the address and talk about it. I will NOT have their education held back by the school system.

Speaking of which, looks like I’ll be supplementing A’s science education this year. I don’t know how, don’t know where I’m going to find the time, but it must be done. Why, do you ask? Because I learned at curriculum night this week that science and social studies will alternate unit by unit. So…roughly four weeks of science, then four weeks of social studies, repeat. Anyone else see the abject stupidity here? The charter school I’m helping to start up for next year? Yeah, has a math and science focus. Daily math and science through 12th grade. Hmmm…which school to keep the boys in???

Tom and I are going through dollar bills like a lonely man at a strip club. A has lost two teeth this week, and a third one is loose. Tom is freaking out that A isn’t getting enough calcium, or maybe we should call the dentist, or should we be worried? And I’m all…dude, the kid hasn’t lost any teeth in ages, he’s just catching up. If permanent teeth start dropping I’ll make a call. In the meantime, pony up the singles, I wasn’t able to pole dance this week.

I work pretty darned hard to ensure my family gets healthy food, clean water, a reasonably sanitary house without chemicals. We have 1/4 cow being delivered to the processing plant this week, and in a couple weeks we’ll have a freezer full of hormone-free, grass-fed beef, locally-raised beef. I do the same with 1/2 hog in the winter. I try to get locally grown veggies when I can, too. So when all hell broke loose last summer about BPA in water bottles, I tossed our plastics and bought SIGG bottles (no, no link. I’m not giving them anything at this point). SIGG sold a crapton of water bottles last summer because they claimed to have safe  bottles. Turned out they were lying by omission. Hypocrites. They bottles from last summer, the ones we have, have BPA in the liner, though the company claims they do not leach. Uh-huh. I’m supposed to believe and trust you now? I hadn’t decided whether I was going to go after a replacement from them or not, until I started reading the pissy emails the company was sending to those requesting replacements. Done. My bottles are history, I won’t be sending any kind of business their way, and I’m getting different bottles. I don’t have much power in this world, but if you want any of my money, don’t piss me off. Customer service means too much to me.

I have a new domain and web design coming. Someday. It’s become a comedy of errors. I’m hoping to have it up by my birthday in 2 1/2 weeks.

My dear friend (and confessing it here first!) and life coach, Lisa, has started a new blog with a colleague of hers. Brilliant Chaos. I am very curious to see what they do with this new venture. Intrigued even.

And if you made it this far on this lovely September Saturday, it must be raining where you are.

It’s gotten quiet upstairs. Too quiet. My MomSenses are tingling…


  1. Not raining here (it won’t again until November probably), just normal work day procrastination.

    I seriously cannot believe all this fury about the President addressing children – he’s the freaking PRESIDENT for god’s sake! I’ll save you the rant and just say “ditto” to everything else you wrote up there.

  2. your week sounds so much like mine. Of course you know I agree with you wholeheartedly on the presidential address thing (thanks for coming by my place!) and I have a few sigg bottles as well, although I’m pretty sure they are BPA free after reading what the BPA tainted linings supposedly look like. sigh.

    oh, but wait… deep fried BUTTER, I missed that. I’m on a wee bit of a diet, and I’m pretty sure that deep fried butter would be several days worth of calories all in one stick of fried goo.

    (but I must confess I have seriously considered the deep fried twinkie at every fair I’ve seen them at, but could never bring myself to fork over the cash to try one)

  3. Theresa

    First off, your blog and my feed reader do not play nice.

    Secondly, I don’t have a problem with the Pres speaking to the kids…my problem is that I would rather it happen in the evening, on TV, with me right there, to either reinforce what he says that’s right or offer my opinion if he says something I don’t agree with. Doesn’t matter that his speech is supposed to be available today for parents to read.

    And I did happen to see a gray, squishy thing laying in my garage. Your brain perhaps? 😉

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