Sep 15 2011

Book giveaway winners and one other thing

I did it. Stepped outside my comfort zone and asked A’s 5th grade teacher if she minded if I sent in 101 School Success Tools for Smart Kids with Learning Difficulties. She was thrilled, and now we just need to see if A actually remembers it’s in his backpack and give it to her. I’m thinking probably not, and both of us will need to gently harass him tomorrow. Story of my life.

Winners! I have two very lucky recipients here who will get their very own copy of 101SSTFSKWLD to love and hug and name George.

Comment number 9, Kristin, gets a copy annnndddd….



Comment number 10, Suzan, gets her very own as well.

Use them well, ladies.

There isn’t really any “one other thing,” I just needed to fill out the title and feel like I was writing a real post. I would write a real one, but the cherubs will be tumbling down the bus steps in 20 minutes and I have 90 minutes worth of work to do. Someone in the Universe Bureaucracy has his finger on the giant Fast Forward button; the days are just zipping by and I have little to show for them. I would say OMG! THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING, THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!, but we’d all just end up hyperventilating beneath our desks and that just won’t do.

Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Kristin

    Just got mine yesterday – It is fantastic, looking forward to sharing it! Thanks again, and have a great day!

    1. Suzan

      Oh, oh, oh! I got mine too!!!! I love, love, love it! Am already devouring it! Thanks!!!

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