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Brain drain, part whatever
Brain drain, part whatever

Brain drain, part whatever

It’s been non-stop around here today, including my brain.

*My broken dishwasher makes a lovely dish-drying rack. Oh, and when the plumber came later on Friday to fix the completely rusted-out cast iron pipe, he discovered that the pipe threads had also rusted out and simple pipe ennui kept it from causing a major flood. Then when he checked out the faucet that Tom and I had thought we’d repaired last month, it disintegrated in his hand. Friday was an expensive day, but we have a lovely new faucet that we installed ourselves along with Jose Cuervo that night.

*Hidden Valley Ranch dressing has joined queso on the list of Things I Should Never Have in the House For My Own Good.

*The joy of a plastic cup/dental floss telephone is eternal.

*My brand new Boy Scout just walked in the door with $60 worth of candy bars to sell. Wha’?

*I’m proud as hell of my boys and their achievements in scouting. But four and a half hours of badge removal/badge adhering/uniform washing about did me in. I drew the line at hemming pants and made A wear his zipoff pants as shorts tonight.

*New contact lenses are fabootastic until they A) do not wish to vacate the premises on request and B) dry out midday making me blind, squinty, and tired. This will be addressed on Wednesday, for I cannot fathom a hot and humid Chicago summer wearing glasses. The mere thought makes me stabby.

*Spending time with my parents, brother, and nephew is one of the greatest joys in my life. My beautiful sister-in-law will eventually join us, once she survives physician assistant school.

*I need a massage like <insert amusing and exaggerated analogy here>. But really, I need a massage. Badly.

*Joy. Rapture. My darling son brought home another patch for his uniform tonight.

*Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment, where I will no doubt be lectured on flossing and the hazards of iced tea and chewing gum. My TMJ can’t wait to meet its new BFF.

*There is a margarita and a couch whispering behind my back. I really should go see what they’re up to.


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