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Bullet Point Tuesday
Bullet Point Tuesday

Bullet Point Tuesday

  • Things really are buzzing behind the scenes. If you’re a friend on Facebook, you noticed that there’s some mild angst. Just mild. Nothing a little screaming and panicking and gnashing of teeth can’t fix.
  • I’m working on the blog post about last Friday…oh? Want a taste? A’s blood test, x-ray, and gifted testing results all came back that day. I believe I had most of a bottle of red wine that night.
  • On Thursday you can join me in my adventures with the Corn Syrup Police at Rocky Mountain Moms Blog.
  • Catch my feelings before A got tested over at Hopeful Parents, and just hope that I return with sanity intact this week.
  • I’m burning the 26 CDs worth of college recitals and concerts to iTunes. Happy Day! Then I’ll figure out how to upload a clip here. That was our anniversary gift to ourselves. And hell’s bells…I really wasn’t all that bad!…15 years ago…le sigh…
  • On Saturday we pulled A’s ADHD meds and he’s going without. He desperately needs to gain weight, and this is step one. So far, so good. At least, I haven’t wanted to duct tape him to a wall.
  • Did you know that things don’t go away if you stick your fingers in your ears and sing “lalalalalala???” I suspected they didn’t, but I tried it this weekend anyway. Surprise! It was all still there yesterday. Nuts.
  • Summer hath descended upon us now. Perhaps I’ll get some tomatoes this summer yet.
  • Hey, look! Something shiny!
  • Aw nuts…have to go get the boys from camp now…

{wow…that may have been the most boring post in the history of boring posts…}

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