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But I’m not dead yet!
But I’m not dead yet!

But I’m not dead yet!

When I decided to take a little technology break, I figured 7-10 days. I made almost four with Facebook, still haven’t returned to the cacophony that is Twitter, and just la-la-la’d through the fact that, oh yeah, I have a blog. Fifteen days later I stumbled over here to find over 200 spam comments (sigh…really wish I had that kind of time in my life, to just chuck spam at random blogs, nothing else to do…) and hey, maybe I should return to writing. You know, just a passing thought.

I just have so much going on here at the House of Chaos that keeping the filter on while writing is wearying. Nearly everything on which I’d ruminate falls under That Which Shall Not Be Discussed on the Interwebz, which leaves me with a dearth of writing topics. At some point the dam will burst and words will splat here, but that’s still a ways off.

Today, however, I shall wish for the ability to perform exorcisms. The boys were apparently possessed this morning…or maybe it was me. Either way, not a terribly pleasant way to start the day. I’m rather tired of the ignoring of the parental unit, the constant hourly daily pounding of the sibling, and the destroying of the humble abode. Either A has hit early puberty with the inability to accomplish anything without creating a hazmat situation, or he is possessed. Daily a bowl of cereal meets its untimely end on the floor, delighting the dog, and inching my blood pressure higher. Daily the boys are unable to dress themselves without screaming/crying/general unpleasantness. And daily I’m trying not to crawl under my desk and hide there until they leave for college.

To say that things are tense in the House of Chaos would be like saying it’s just a wee bit nippy in Chicago this week. The boys and I are heading there tomorrow; Tom is already there for meetings and a music convention. Oh, don’t worry about me spilling the beans about vacating the house. We have an alarm system, observant neighbors, and a motion-sensor activated boiling oil dump over our rabid prairie-dog moat. We’re set. But the boys have no idea what’s about to hit them, temperature-wise. It was 70 here in Denver yesterday, and tomorrow when we land it’ll likely be in the single digits. I tried to describe how snot can and will freeze and was met by blank looks. Looks from children who went to school with no coats that day.

Hm. Anything else going on that doesn’t fall under That Which Shall Not Be Discussed on the Interwebz? Gah. Not really. So I shall end this rather boring and tedious post with the promise that things will more interesting here in the near future. 2011 is shaping up to be one hell of a year, and y’all are along for the ride. Hold on tight.


  1. ignoring, pounding, destroying, screaming, and crying… are you spying on my house? My boys are 6 & 9, so maybe this is inevitable? I keep hoping it’s a stage they’ll outgrown. Every sentence starts with “But…” I’m so, so tired of it! Sometimes I wish we’d implemented the southern “Yes, Ma’am” around here!

  2. I can so relate to “That which shall not be discussed on the interwebz” and 2011 is shaping up to be quite the year in these parts too.

    And, when you perfect the art of exorcism–please share! My 6 & 8 year olds could use such treatment right about now. 😉

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