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I can haz summer now?
I can haz summer now?

I can haz summer now?

i can haz summer now?


It’s January 2nd.

I can haz summer now? Please? The holidays are over, we’ve had our chance at a white Christmas, we’ve toasted the new year and critiqued the Rose Parade marching bands. The usefulness of winter is over. There really is no further need for cold temperatures and the threat of snow. And don’t tell me we have winter so we appreciate summer that much more. I believed that last year. After the Polar Vortex Winter of Hell and Frozen Damnation, I was going to appreciate the hell out of summer and bask in the heat and sun and even the humidity.

It was a short and cool summer. I was robbed.

It’s Chicago, it’s the start of real winter now. Three months of cold and snow and gloomy skies (OMG the gloom). Temperatures are tolerable right now, but next week we have subzero highs staring us in the face, eerily reminiscent of last year’s early January Polar Vortex. I’m just hoping school isn’t canceled again, but if it’s really a high of -3 on Wednesday we can probably assume a day here at home watching science videos and me not teaching flute lessons. Gah. No bueno.

It’s time for summer, or at the very least, an early spring. Very early. Starting now.

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  1. Oh my YES! I was just telling my husband this afternoon that I truly would opt for hibernation if that were possible. I’m in Boston and we, too, are only just getting to the snow piece but I’m way over it. And I feel like we were robbed this summer, too. We should have at least five summers to make up for last winter.

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