Nov 21 2012

Caption this

It’s audience participation night here at Laughing at Chaos!

Bring a little levity to your Thanksgiving gathering. Hit me with your best caption of my mom boiling turkey dicks necks for broth.

(My mom is the greatest of all good sports, always has been.)



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  1. JenC

    Lorena Bobbit: The Golden Years

  2. Stacia

    Trouble, trouble, boil and bubble! This should be a warning to all who cross your Mom.

  3. Elizabeth Welsh

    “So you say he claimed indigestion and then THIS thing popped right out through his stomach and snapped at you? Weird.”

  4. CocoBean

    I grew up in a family where the caption for that every year was “oh look – it was a tom turkey”

    Not a joke my daughter would really appreciate.

    1. Jen

      LOL! Our families sound very similar.

  5. ChiTown Girl

    I can’t beat JenC, so why bother?

  6. ChiTown Girl

    Oops, I forgot…

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the entire Chaos family!

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