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Chateau du Merde

I am the only one not afflicted with whatever crappy (pun intended) stomach virus is passing through my family. It is not good. Took J to the dr yesterday for it, as he’d been butt squirting for a week. Came home to find hubby wrapped in a blanket, chilled and aching, with the same symptoms. And A was called out of school 15 minutes before carpool was supposed to pick him up.
So the three of them are ill and ill-tempered. And I’m leaving in 30 minutes for an evening meeting. Sigh…if the winter is like this, I’m moving to Miami.

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  1. cursingmama cursingmama

    I believe they have the stomach virus in Miami also – so don’t take the family.

    and also – wrap thyself in layers of antiviral stuff.

  2. Benoit Benoit

    “château DE merde”, if I may improve your French 😉

    • Jen Jen

      Oh picky, picky! 😉 LOL

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