Nov 10 2008


  • It’s Monday
  • It’s gloomy outside, a precursor to the storm moving in this afternoon
  • Playing the single parent role until tomorrow morning
  • Tired
  • To-do list long, even after slogging through it all day Sunday, which, last I checked, was supposed to be a day of rest
  • House torn to shreds, thank you dear sons
  • PMSing badly including, but not limited to, drinking frozen Cosmos and eating pickles and olives (last night–first person to mention pregnancy dies), bloating, and wanting to rip the effing head off of the first person to cross me
  • Need to go grocery shopping
  • Had to go buy A pants because he hit a growth spurt and we can’t find 2 different pairs of blue jeans (on the plus side, J was an angel while I was at Penneys, so I was able to get jeans and tops for me {HOLY MOLY, can we say SALE!!!} and use 2 $50 gift cards I’d had for awhile)
  • Desperate reliance on caffeine
  • J’s “whine” button seems to be stuck on “high”
  • Wedding ring still broken and jeweler not open today
  • Didn’t make it to yoga class today (serenity NOW!)
  • Suffering silently through a pretty intense mid-life crisis

Yeah, I can pretty safely say that the universe can kiss my shiny white ass.


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  1. Christina Shaver

    Glad to hear you only have one more day of single parenting. Mine starts in a couple of days, and I’m bracing myself already.

  2. Cathy

    Hang in there–it’s almost over! I would DIE if my husband traveled. It’s bad enough when he works late.

  3. karen (Pediascribe)

    Wow. Cruddy day for you. I won’t even tell you about my day. It totally doesn’t compare.

  4. Dawn on MDI

    Wow. Bummer. Wish I could help. Did you try those macaroons? Sugar solves lots of problems.

  5. Tootsie Farklepants

    I don’t want to die so I’ll just say: Sunday as a day of rest is a myth.

  6. Heather

    My mom just returned from a trip to visit her sister in Denver and cousin in Colorado Springs. At least the weather in and around her travel zone in Colorado forced her to relax a little. She needed it. And she saw snow.

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