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It needed a couple extra exclamation points yesterday. Keep an eye on your kids, folks. Ya never know when you’ll be lulled into a false sense of calm and suddenly a feline is being circled around your child’s head. Meow…meow…meow…

Sorry, wrong kind of CAT scan.

A is fine. He and a larger kid collided yesterday in PE and he lost. That’s what happens when one of the smallest kids in the class whaps heads with one of the biggest kids. Apparently they were skipping (skipping! that’s truly the punch line here) and thud. And then a second thud when his head hit the ground. And a third thud in the pit of my stomach when the nurse called me and I could hear in his voice how injured he was. He freaked us all out yesterday. The doctor has known this kid since birth and knows he’s nevereverever that lethargic. So A got a CAT scan just to ensure there was no brain swelling or bleeding; the doctor said he just has a significant concussion. On the plus side, we now have conclusive proof of a brain there. And may have hit our health insurance out of pocket expenses limit for the year. He’s now duct-taped to the couch to keep him calm. As long as he takes it easy and doesn’t get another whap to the head he should be fine. The biggest risk right now is his eyes falling out from the unlimited television this weekend.

Yes, I will be visiting the liquor store later today, thanks for asking.

CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!! Brought to you this weekend by red wine.

Speaking of drinking, I emailed A’s teacher yesterday asking for the answer to that test question. Cover story: Tom and I had a bet going, loser to buy a drink for the other. To refresh your memory, here’s the question again.

What does it mean to draw conclusions when you read?

  1. decide the main point of the reading
  2. use what you know and what you read to make a decision about the text
  3. relate the text to other texts, your life, and the world
  4. ask questions to determine the author’s purpose for writing

The answer is #2. O-kay. But I still think #1 and #3 are arguably valid.


Let us hope that CONSTANT VIGILANCE! can take a wee bit of a break for Mother’s Day. I’d really like to just not have to worry about the boys for awhile.


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  2. Sarah

    I’ve been reading the questions, and thinking about the answers… It looks more like a career aptitude question than a question to ask a class of 9-year-olds.

    #1 is anything that would be literal. You see the rock, you call it a rock…Looking for a blue rock…

    2 would be the artist. Take the new, incorporate the old and make something of it. Creativity abounds.

    The kids answers #3 is the researcher…the problem solver. Put everything together and come up with an idea. An engineer. Outside the box….needing their own PO address!

    The kid answers #4 you’ve got a lawyer… (“Really Mom….I didn’t MEAN to climb the counter-top for cookies…”)

  3. I believe your self-restraint by not visiting the liquor store BEFORE the doctor visit was admirable.

    Our latest family CAT scan was the Very Excellent Husband, who crashed riding his bicycle at the velodrome (he would like me to say someone crashed into him, which caused him to crash.)

    CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!! knows no age boundaries…

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