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D Day
D Day

D Day

Well, the time has come. Tomorrow the state board of education rules on our charter school. Either they vote in our favor and it goes back to the district for (pleaseGodohplease) approval, or it ends tomorrow afternoon. Guess which scenario I prefer? As the latter involves me and gainful employment so I can pay for private school, you’d be totally correct in thinking the former is my preference. Eighteen hours from now I’ll have a better idea of what the next three months might look like. I hope.

Tomorrow is also the IEP renewal meeting for J’s speech therapy. Oh? I don’t mention his speech therapy much here? You’re right, I don’t. Might have something to do with the fact that Older Brother is a much squeakier wheel, and J’s therapy is easy and paid for by the district. He’s been in official speech therapy for four years now (yes, he’s just short of six, I’ve done the math and I try not to dwell on the fact that it’s over half his life). J has made great improvements in his speech, but he still lags behind in a few sounds. Lags behind nearly 3 years with those sounds, but because it’s not affecting his educational performance, it’s likely his IEP won’t be renewed. I know I could fight it tomorrow (and I suspect I wouldn’t need to fight terribly hard, either), but I’m just playing it by ear. I hate for him to lose ground (I don’t think he will), but I hate to not fight for the IEP and then need it later. We’ll see. It’s hard to fight for services when he’s reading (minimum)  four years above grade level.

Oh, and I have my first cold in three years. I’ve been a laugh riot the last few days. I took my NyQuil nightcap about 45 minutes ago, and now I’m playing “How Long Can I Stay Lucid” roulette. I give myself until I finish this post before my head slaps down on the keyboard.

I pray I return with good news about the school. I have no idea how I’ll swing working with the boys.


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