Apr 30 2010

Dear So and So…The Apology Edition

Dear So and So...

As I am convinced that this here little blog is a megaphone to the universe, and Murphy and his little Law in particular, I offer up a slew of apologies (but no sacrifices, I’m fresh out of goats) in hopes that they will reverse the multitude of SNAFUs, FUBARs, and  other situations that involve the words “f*cked” and “up.”


Dear sons,
I’m sorry I totally broke down last night. There was no real reason for me to lose my shit, scream at you, and burst into tears. Yeah, Daddy is out of town until tomorrow night, but I usually hold it together better than that. Plus the stress is noticeably lower with him gone right now. I blame it on standing outside at the Cub Scout picnic for 2 1/2 hours, freezing my ass off and trying to crawl into the coals of the BBQ to stay warm. It was long past your bedtime and I just wanted you guys to get a bowl of cereal and go to bed. Farting around and being typical little boys wasn’t exactly the best plan. You were both so sweet hugging me and loving on me, but you didn’t deserve that from me.
I’ll do better in the future,


Dear right wrist,
I’m sorry I wasn’t wearing asbestos gloves while making spaghetti sauce the other day. I’m sorry I grabbed a towel and pressed it into you when the oil popped and nailed ya good. I’m sorry that rubbed off the burnt skin. I’m sorry it’s gotten cold and now I have to wear long sleeves. I’m sorry you’re going to have scars from this:


I’ll do better in the future,


Dear Denise,
I’m sorry I haven’t been contributing to Colorado Bento as much as I should. I have pictures on my iPhone to upload and write about, but that’s as far as they’ve gotten. You’re carrying too much of the weight there.
I’ll do better in the future,


Dear blog,
I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up with you. I’m sorry that code has gotten all janky and the left sidebar is wonked. I’m sorry that more janky code is making linked text the same color as the rest of the text. I’m sorry that I haven’t been writing more. I’m sorry I haven’t developed the community here that I wanted to create (BlogFrog, I’m talking to you here). I’m sorry that I haven’t set up my blogroll. I’m sorry that I haven’t put together a page of gifted/twice-exceptional resources, like I had planned. I’m sorry I haven’t figured out how to do more with this little writing project, that I want to expand. I’m sorry that I feel guilty when I do work on you, because it means that something else is falling by the wayside.
I’ll do better in the future,


Dear house,
I’m sorry that I haven’t been keeping up with you, to the point that I now have 3 1/2 pages of repairs and improvements that need to be done. Some are more urgent than others, some are considerably more expensive than others, but they all need to be done. All require massive amounts of time. I’m also sorry about the dust bunnies having wild orgies in the middle of the floor. I’ve spoken to them about it, but they just laughed and went back to their crazy humping.
I’ll do better in the future,


Dear all the fantastic ideas and plans in my head,
I’m sorry I can’t keep up with all of you. Please be patient.
I’ll do better in the future,


Dear  body,
I’m sorry I am back and forth about taking good care of you. Exercise is up, but this week so is mayo/peanut butter M&Ms/wine consumption. And while I’ve been wanting to get off the anti-depressant, things have been so bad lately that instead I may want to consider mainlining Prozac something a little stronger. Bear with me.
I’ll do better in the future,


Dear anyone who has ever commented here and has his/her own blog,
I’m sorry I haven’t been by to read and comment. Special apologies go to Christina at Ends at 8741 (been going through hell and I haven’t been able to give her much blog love), Nancy at Away We Go (I love her writing), Missy at Loving Your Gifted Child and Much Much More (so much in common), the crew at So Over Everything (again, too much in common), and Big Mama Cass at The World Through My Eyes (love her writing too). You guys have come by here and left comments and have been wonderful and I haven’t reciprocated. I feel terrible about that. More apologies to Deborah Mersino; I haven’t been able to participate in the #gtchats that I love (THE happening place for gifted info) lately because life is giving me swirlies right now. Still more apologies to Eileen at Giving Her All She’s Got for passing along the Honest Scrap Award several weeks ago. Thank you, Eileen. I would show the picture here, but more code on the blog is janky and I can’t upload pictures. Sigh.
I’ll do better in the future,


Dear life in general,
I’m sorry for whatever I did to piss you off. Please stop. I’m done. I’ll even search out a sacrificial goat if that would help. Enough with the ongoing little things that eventually become heavier until you can’t deal with it anymore. Enough with not wanting to get up in the morning. Enough with the guilt. Enough with hating life and wanting to run away. Just…enough.
I’ll do better in the future…if you will,


Be sure to visit 3 Bedroom Bungalow to see other participants, and have a great weekend!


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  1. Dawn on MDI

    oh, hon. cut yourself some slack. You’re only human. Relax. life is too short to freak out. Hug your boys. Hug your husband. Hug Rosie if she’ll let you. Smile more. The other shit don’t matter a damn.

  2. Chelle

    And here I thought that MY dust bunnies were the only critters engaging in orgies for all the world to see. Huh. Good to know I’m not alone.

    as for that wrist, fouch! (Short for FUCKING OUCH, as you know). Take care of yourself.

  3. Joan

    Uh, excuse me, but how do you know every single thought that goes through my head? Kinda scary…

  4. JenC

    I have the dust bunny orgies here, too. But I prefer to consider my lack of getting off my ass to get rid of them to be a one-woman “Save the Dust Bunnies” campaign. With all the Stepford Wife types around here, they have to an endangered species in our area! Feel better, hon. And not just the wrist. 🙁

  5. Denise

    Oh my goodness, please no apologies. The website is a celebration not a burden. The beauty of it being so itty bitty is that we don’t have pressure to keep daily posts up. I skipped a whole week when I was with out the web.
    It’s no big deal.

  6. Eileen @ Giving Her All Shes Got

    *hugs* I hope it all gets better soon.

    And please, I DO NOT care about the award. Awards are supposed to pass on smiles, not guilt! If you never post it it means jack to me. If it made you smile and that’s all it ever did, then that’s why I passed it on. There is no need for you to take it further. None. Zero.

    Relax, breathe, take a bubble bath, and search for that light at the end of the tunnel. <3

  7. missy

    Awwww, thanks for the mention. And I feel your pain! I’ve been neglecting my blog lately too. Life is definitely in the way of waxing philosophic right now. Plus – I’ve missed so many gtchats, I might as well have my card rescinded. They’re so good too, it bums me out. Hang in there – just think! Summer’s on the way and that will be a time to relax.

    Wait . . .

    Summer’s NOT the time to relax b/c the kids are 24/7 time and love and YIKES!

    Ok – enjoy May. 🙂

  8. endswith8741

    So, okay. I was reading your FB status updates on the burn situation…but DEAR LORD!!! WTF did you do to your wrist!??!!?!?!?

    Your list of things to do and things you’d like to do seems overwhelming!! Wish I could give you some advice, but I’ve got that same crazy personality trait. Onward! Upward! Just don’t burn yourself.

  9. Joanna

    Dear Jen,

    Love this post and your blog. I’ve been writing letters to my dandelions and neighbors and semi-neglected children all week.

    Thank you for inspiring me and reminding me that I am not alone. We must have an Illinois/Colorado connection because you speak things I don’t say.


  10. Amy

    Wow! This sounds a bit like my life lately. I hope things smooth out at least a little bit for you very soon!
    This must have been rather theraputic to write though. At least I hope. I always feel better when I purge all my crazy thoughts and emotions out here into blogland.
    I have to agree with some of the above comments. Do cut yourself at least a little slack. Tis true that we are only human, and alas we all have our limits………

  11. BigMamaCass

    You are having a time of it lately, aren’t you?? Awwww! Big Hugs!!!

    I am so far behind on things I can’t even begin to catch up so I know how you feel.

    Hang in there darlin.

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