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Dem Dems
Dem Dems

Dem Dems

(I have to note here that I’m posting from the lobby of a hotel in Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs is uber-conservative, so if I am suddenly cut off mid-sentence, it’s because a representative from Focus on the Family has grabbed me from behind, dragged me off to a quiet room, and is smacking my hands with a wooden ruler).

So unless you’ve been living in a cave or hiding under a rock, you’ve noticed that the 2008 Presidential race is heating up. Lordy, this is going to be one loooong election season. Today Hillary Rodham Clinton jumped into the fray. This past week Barack Obama started down that road. But what’s most exciting for me is that the 2008 Democratic National Convention is coming to Denver. Happy Happy. Must find a way to go to that convention, it’s going to be history in the making. A woman running. A black man running. And both have a very strong chance to get the nomination. Not that I’ll have a chance to vote in the primary; the candidate is alwaysalwaysalways locked up before Colorado’s primary, so what’s the point? But this year A is old enough and smart enough to understand the importance of elections (he was catching on this last year, and got quite the education as I waited 45 minutes to vote), so getting to see it through his eyes as well will be exciting. It’s going to be a very long, very exciting race to watch.


  1. scribbit

    Yup, my husband is from “The Springs.” We were married in Littleton. And if Mitt Romney faces off against Hilary it’ll be the ultimate Conservative v. Liberal smackfest.

  2. Jen

    OMG! An election smackfest would rock. Entertainment brought to me by Anderson Cooper, I’d be in heaven. Then again, I’d be totally reliant on my Tivo, as I would try to kill the tv because of the attack ads.
    From the Springs, eh? I don’t get down here much, just once a year or so. Only pretty much see the inside of the Broadmoor for the music convention.

  3. Keri

    Mwahahaha…. So, I’m trying to get this straight from a five second glance at the top of your blog… 🙂 You are a left leaner sitting in the midst of the far right? mwahahahaha… I lived there for four years and my daughter was born there but I gotta tell you, things have definitely changed the Springs in the last 20 years. A few years after I moved back here I heard what a hot bed it was out there for the conservatives and I was rather shocked. I hadn’t seen that side of it at all.

    I do still love me some Colorado mountains, though. Keep the right wing FotF folks, though. 🙂

    Nice to meet ya. Consider me a delurker here for the first time popping in from CursingMama’s.

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