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Dog days of summer
Dog days of summer

Dog days of summer

Is it hot where you are? I’d guess that most of you in the US would scream YES! back at me and those of you in other parts of the globe would look at me with the “dog going food?” look. It’s hot, bloody hot, hot enough to want winter to hit now, purty please with sugar on it.

On top of it being hotter’n Lucifer’s left naughty bit, I’ve been swamped with getting caught up from being gone, getting A ready for school (oh, there’s a new Super Walmart nearby, that’s soo not good), and keeping the boys from killing each other. Remember the heat? Yeah, it’s not doing much for family harmony right now. Oh, and there’s just the ongoing keeping the house running, growing a business, and keeping the boys from killing each other. (Just nine days til school starts…)

So I may be absent here for the next nine days or so. Little writing, but I’m going to try to update my blogroll and do a little bloggy housekeeping. I’m also going to give myself permission to (sob) not read blogs until the boys are in school. Nothing personal, but it’s coming down to giving up sleep, sex, and scrapbooking, none of which I’m terribly willing to part with. If ya wanna contact me, or want me to swing by your place, leave me a comment and I’m so there. But I have to choose which plate is going to slow, maybe fall, and very likely break over the next few weeks, and it’s going to be this one. I’ll be back in a few weeks.

Whaddya think?

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