Feb 21 2013

Don’t think, just move

It’s the last week of February, the longest week of the longest month of the year. Tantalizingly close to spring, with still sooo much winter yet to come. As I type we’re under a Winter!Storm!Advisory! Possibly 3-5 inches of snow. I want more. I want snowpocalypse. I want a snow day like I’ve never wanted one before. I don’t think I wanted a snow day this badly when I was a student…well, maybe when I was teaching. I think I could easily sell my dog for a snow day tomorrow. It’s not like things would be a whole lot different, given that three of the four of us work/learn from home, I just need a day off.

Things have been quietly crazy here at the House of Chaos. Not much of it is bloggable, mainly because I’m applying for full-time jobs and am easily Google-able <waving to interviewers>. I have an interview Monday morning, in fact. So I will just boil down the last fortnight to four words:

Don’t think, just move.

Those four words have gotten me out of bed every day for the last month. Alarm goes off, I have a drink of water, and my very first thought is, “Don’t think, just move.” And so I hobble out of bed and into the morning routine. When I finally come to, it’s 8:30 or so and I have a pot of coffee in my system and lo and behold, I’m dressed with makeup on, my emails are under control, the day is planned, one son is at school and the other has been dynamited out of his pleasant slumber.

I’m over the whole winter thing. I am ready for the smell of thawing earth, for little blooms popping out of the mud, for sunny days, for temperatures above 20 degrees, for grilled steaks, for a washed car that stays that way instead of succumbing to the salt spray of the roads, for spring and summer and fall and anything other than February in Chicago.

So I continue with the “don’t think, just move” until spring arrives and drops its luggage in the middle of my lawn.

Don’t think, just move.


  1. BeckyG

    This has been my motto for several years now, mostly because of lack of sleep. I live in a country with 70 degree weather all year round. 🙂

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