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early morning thoughts
early morning thoughts

early morning thoughts

I love the peaceful quiet of early morning. Always have. It’s the getting up and moving part that sucks. In high school I could go to bed at 11:30 and get up at 5:45, every day, and be none the worse for it all. I thought teenagers needed more sleep than everyone. I sure can’t do that anymore. Tom says it’s ’cause I’m chasing two little boys now, but I think the 20 year increase in age probably has a little more to do with it. It’s so nice and quiet right now. The boys have taken to sleeping past 7 am lately, and I’m thrilled. Hasn’t happened, uh, ever. Long live the ADHD meds.
Last night at dinner…really, I should have a blog about “Last Night At Dinner”, because I can see this becoming a nightly event. And they’re only going to get funnier. Anyway, last night at dinner I was asking A about show and tell that day. Unlike most show and tells, his kindergarten teacher has themes, and the kids have to bring in things that follow that week’s theme. Yesterday the theme was “animals and their needs.” O-kay. Drawing a blank. So I finally convinced A to take a Discovery Kids magazine on Birds. Animals. I’m sure needs are covered in there somewhere. Piece of cake. So I asked him what he talked about (the kids are spread around in the room and they take turns going around to each kid/show and tell station). And he said,
“I showed Thomas the blue-footed boobies!”
“Blue-footed boobies!”
I look over at Tom. Yes, indeed, Jen, there is a bird called the blue-footed boobies. By this time, A realizes he’s saying something funny and starts to milk it.
“Boobies, boobies, boobies!”
And what brought it all to a typical dinnertime end:
J: “Boobies!
Which is all the funnier to hear, given that he has a speech delay and half of what he says is unintelligible. But “Boobies!” came out loud and clear.
We found out last week that Tom’s little bitty, teeny tiny hometown in Iowa now has a restaurant that serves sushi. I will be the first to admit that I am a sushi snob. I’ve been enjoying it since I was about 8 years old, before sushi became trendy and the common reaction was, “ewwww, you eat raw fish???” I sit at the sushi bar and watch the chefs at work. I try to get something recommended by the sushi chef. I check out the area behind the chefs; if it is not spotless, then the place is dead to me and I don’t return. If there is any indication that the food and cleanliness standards are not of the highest quality, then the place is dead to me and I don’t return. I’m damned picky about my sushi. Sushi at the grocery store deli? Are you effin’ kidding me? So hearing that this land-locked town in a land-locked state now had a place serving sushi…excuse me while I force my stomach back down to where it belongs…uh, I won’t be eating there. It’s a Chinese buffet restaurant where sushi is on the buffet. Actually, I think it may be spelled “sooshee” there. Sob… Hope Tums and a gift card to the hospital come with the bill.
I caught part of the Oscar nominations on the news this morning. And again, I have seen almost none of the nominated films. I’m not living in a cave, I have two small children, would rather go out to dinner when we have a sitter, and instead of renting movies we watch what we Tivo’d. My predictions are that Cars will get best animated film, and beyond that, no clue.
I finally got my Zen books, and now they are sitting on the table, waiting for me. They’ll wait patiently, finding inner peace without me. Lucky books.
Anyone else have a daily to-do list that starts at 25 items and just gets worse from there?
And my little bit of early morning peace is nearly over. The sun is up, soon I’ll start to hear stirrings from upstairs and the daily sprint will begin. I have a cup and a half of coffee in me, I think I’m ready.

Whaddya think?

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