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Easter morning
Easter morning

Easter morning

(I think wordpress hit sugar crash yesterday afternoon; I tried forever to get this written and posted yesterday. Everything was borked.)

In the wee hours of the morning, when the adults are still snoozing, young boys awaken and sneak down the stairs. They tiptoe into the family room and discover the Easter Bunny has paid a visit! They peek into the baskets and LO! There is candy and it is good. Curiosity of how EB got into the house, of how he digs out the baskets from the basement without waking anyone, of how the Peeps are the exact same ones Mom bought at Target earlier in the week…all this is wiped from their minds as they gaze over the sugar.

Everything else is wiped from their minds within an hour, after 90% of that sugar has been consumed. The parents awaken just in time for the sugar crash, which coincides with breakfast (HA!) and church preparations. Much threatening negotiating ensues.

At least they’re cute.



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