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End of NaBloPoMo
End of NaBloPoMo

End of NaBloPoMo

I made it. Thirty posts in 30 days. This year, unlike the last two, was considerably more difficult. I can only assume it’s because this month was batten-down-the-hatches-crazy. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes here, and trying to come up with something on which to ruminate that did not touch on All That Which Must Not Be Put On The Interwebz was tough. Bad steakhouse tough.

All that said, I will mention one little thing. Those of you in other countries who don’t have to deal with the hyper-beaurocratic clusterfuck that is the American health insurance industry, you are blessed beyond words. We learned last night that our health insurance premiums are doubling as our deductible is more than doubling, and we still don’t know what is covered. I’m at a loss; I’m too old for the military, too non-Catholic for a convent, and too Suburban Mom With A Minivan for a commune. Needless to say, today has been an ongoing event of “keyboard application to forehead” as I’ve tried to research other options.

A final thought as I wrap up this month of “HooBoy, I wrote every day.” Quality is considerably more important to me than quantity, and I believe the quality here has suffered over the last three weeks. So I’m going dark for awhile. Not forever, likely just a week to ten days. I am unplugging from blogs, Twitter, Facebook (God help me), and as much email as humanly possible. I want to catch up on reading, get my Christmas on, and basically remember life before my computer took over. We’ll see how that goes, but it’s time for me to pull back for awhile.

But…I did it. For three years running now.


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