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Florts and Collibots!
Florts and Collibots!

Florts and Collibots!

In my ongoing quest to convince A not to use the grownup words that escape my lips, we’ve adopted Florts and Collibots!, courtesy of the book series “Flat Stanley.” Cute books, great phrase instead of “@#$%^%$*$%^*(!!!!!!!!!”, which easily describes the day so far.

One of my best friends got laid off this morning. She kinda saw it coming, but it’s still a red-hot poker up the, uh, florts. This gal…she’s gotta feel that she has a “kick me” sign on her back and the whole damn world is lining up behind her with pointed boots. C’mon world, cut her some slack! She works hard, is very intelligent, more organized and type-A than I am…she deserves to succeed. Please world, make 2006 her year. It’s time.

My allergy meds cocktail of Sudafed, Benadryl, and Claritin has ceased working after 3 days and I’m again a snotty mess. Beautiful to look at, even more charming to hear.

A, after having a completely uneventful sleep at the sleep lab, was up twice last night. J was up once. A was so tired this morning that I didn’t even attempt to take him to 8 am track. OH, I haven’t shared our experiences with summer track? Gah. My naive thoughts that running around would be enjoyable for him were sidetracked by the fact that he’s seriously overwhelmed by 200+ kids there and too tired to cope. Somedays it’s not worth it and I may just pull him from track and pray I can get a partial refund.

Basement has stalled. Painters and window well diggers were supposed to be here yesterday and so far, nada. We have a new completion date of July 3, a week late due to some changes we made mid-construction. Yeah, unless somebody gets here posthaste, they ain’t gonna be done by the 3rd.

J is begging for me to play, so I’d better go and not make this day any whinier than necessary. sigh…

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