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Forced perspective
Forced perspective

Forced perspective

Earlier today I was mentally working on a post about how to really suck at parenting, because I think I qualify for expert status. This morning A had a couple baby teeth extracted; they weren’t moving and the adult teeth moving in were not only giving him this funky vampire vibe, but were threatening to bring orthodontia to our home sooner rather than later. I’d warned him, I’d warned the entire dental staff, I’d tried to mentally prepare myself. His sensory issues are generally in check, until anxiety bursts in and takes over. Needless to say we had two hours of hysterics before we even got to the dentist, and by 11:30 I was fried and ready for a stiff drink and bed.

And then, while I was driving home from my ENT appointment where I learned my ears are fine but my TMJ is out of control, my phone chimed with the news from Boston. Two explosions at the end of the Boston Marathon. Suddenly a hysterical child at the dentist, or my aching jaw, seemed so small, so insignificant.

This is a bad week of bad anniversaries. Waco, Oklahoma City, Columbine. And now Boston. This is the first major event on US soil since 9/11 nearly a dozen years ago. It’s the first time I have kids old enough to learn about it firsthand, to understand it. One of those kids, as mentioned above, has sensory issues and anxiety flares. The boys vaguely know something happened today, and I’ve simply said there was an explosion in Boston this afternoon. I’m sure they’ll pick up more as the days and weeks go on, and I’m hoping it stays in the background of their lives for as long as possible.

There will be other epic parenting failures to share, of this I am certain. But tonight is for love and peace and giving thanks for what is going right in our lives. Sometimes we just need perspective forced upon us.

Peace and love to the city of Boston and everyone involved.

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