May 16 2014

{Friday Flashback} Drowning in the minutiae of daily life

{FF} drowning in the minutiaeI’ve been mighty quiet here lately and it hasn’t exactly been by choice. I’ve been drowning in the minutiae of daily life and it is fairly unpleasant. Like being pecked to death by chickens, it’s not one little thing but all the little things jumping on like those little prickly burrs. (How’s that for mixing my metaphors, eh? Impressed even myself). Spring still hasn’t made it to Chicago with any consistency, it’s been raining like mad lately, I’m sick of my dear darling children, homeschooling right now sucks, my house is a disaster, my computer and phone and MomVan are getting the “I’m aging” twitch, I’m stretched thin, and basically I’m just meh. A heaping dose of meh.

So I’m instituting a Friday Flashback. Maybe I’ll even remember to do it next week, too. But today, in honor of my extreme meh-ness, an old post from three years ago, when I was fairly certain I was going to lose my ever lovin’ mind (and since it was The Year From Hell, I came pretty damned close).

But now I just need summer and a vacation and a metric crapton fewer responsibilities. And some of those PMS cookies (yeah, go read the post, it’ll make sense).

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