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Friday morning thoughts
Friday morning thoughts

Friday morning thoughts

You know you’re an experienced mom of boys when you open the bedroom door and find the two of them (sigh) roasting mini marshmallows in the shape of Easter Bunnies on plastic chopsticks shaped like animals in front of the space heater and you don’t freak out. They’re buzzing from the sugar right now.

Colorado’s Wacky Weather continues. Ten minutes ago it was pouring rain, now it’s snowing like crazy. We could get 10-22 inches of snow today. And it’s going to be in the mid-70s by Tuesday.

Despite the crazy climate, all four of us have allergies and are snotting all over the place. If you think that’s a charming mental image, come visit and have a listen too.

I’m trying to decide how badly I want the milk out in the milk box right now. I mean, it’s not like it’s going to get warm sitting out there. I just don’t want to step outside and get it and the paper.

A has a doctor’s appointment in Boulder this afternoon, right after school. I’m thinking the weather is going to be bad enough that we may need to cancel. The question is, though, will we be charged for the last-minute postponement? ‘Cause this doctor isn’t covered by insurance and I’m not too keen on paying for the visit twice.

Perhaps I’ll have a more thought-provoking post later today…


  1. Poetikat

    Why has it been so long since I was here? (I’m asking myself this and the answer seems to be that your link got deleted somewhere along the line – probably because it’s a wordpress blog and I haven’t “followed” you) I will rectify this straight away.

    So – Firstly, did you know that our avatars (if I had one) would look almost identical – right down to the clothing. (Not the dog though – mine would be a cat, of course.) I have that green vest, blue scarf, brown sweater, beige pants, black shoes, glasses – yup! we’d be twins. I’m your what – 10 years older twin!

    The description of your sons with the space heater “roasting”mini marshmallows was a hoot!

    See ya soon!


  2. Amy

    Ah yes. The life of living with boys. I have become immune to certain things over the years. And am not nearly as jumpy around such phrases as “flammable”, “explode”, “gross”, “COOL” and the like. But silence? That’s when it pays to be nervous AND cautious!

  3. I think it depends on the doctor. My pediatrician doesn’t charge me for missed appointments but my own doctor sure as heck does. I

    think kid docs are a bit more relaxed overall. I think they understand that parents forget stuff or would prefer to stay at home as opposed to shuttling their kids to Dr. appointments during heavy snowfall.

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