Dec 08 2008

Further proof why I always have my son take my picture

jen's picture

I needed a recent (and decent headshot) today, so I grabbed A, stuck the good (ok, good being relative) camera in his hands, and voila! He snapped this. Only the second shot. He’s so good with a camera. Must be me. I must be the one vibrating, if all my pictures are coming out blurry and his are crisp.

Any idea where I can get a good and inexpensive camera a seven year old could learn from and not destroy? Is there a digital equivalent to the Kodak Instamatic?

Oh, and why did I need a headshot? Well, with total props to Kim, who passed along the info that they were looking, I’m now a contributing writer on the soon to be launched Rocky Mountain Moms Blog. If you wondered what I was “contemplating” and “over the moon” about last week on Facebook, yeah, there ya go. I’m excited and more than a little nervous.

Now what? I write. And love every minute of it.

In the morning. It’s been a long day.


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  1. Andrea

    yea Jen! Congrats!!
    Any idea what you’ll be writing about? No advice on a camera, put I’m sure Kodak makes a good starter digital camera. I haven’t heard good things about the kid’s Fisher Price ones.

  2. denise@EatPlayLove

    Awesome we should chat.

  3. magneto bold too

    They need to rename it Rock Mountain Rocking Hawt Mummas Blog. Cause you are sizzling babe.

  4. Robin

    You look fabulous! Great job A (and mom too!). Congrats on the new gig.

  5. Queenie

    You look so beautiful! And write, write, write. It’s like breathing, isn’t it?

  6. RC

    Good luck and congrats!

  7. ChiTown Girl

    Well, duh!! The reason A takes such great pictures of you is because YOU are looking at HIM, and the love you feel can’t help but ooze out and make you radiate! You are gorgeous! Lex always takes the best pictures of me for the same reason. Your child always makes your heart smile (well, ok, almost always!) and you can’t hide that kind of love.

    I have ideas for the camera. I was going to suggest the Fisher Price one, but Andrea said she heard not so hot reviews, so I’m out!

  8. Dawn on MDI

    What a great photo! Congratulations on the new writing gig – very nice! As for cameras, I’d check with Canon. They have developed a lot of new technology over the years and I don’t know why, but I have it stuck in my head that they have a digital camera for outdoorsy-types, which means it is water-proof, impact-proof, and has got to be pretty easy to work on the fly, because when you’re in free-fall out of an airplane is not when you want to be fussing with f-stops and shutter speeds. It might cost more than a Fisher-Price camera, but will probably last him until high school when he can get a job and buy his own camera.

  9. Chelle

    That is a great picture-I think the kid could have a future in photography :).

    Congrats on the writing gig! You deserve it.

  10. suehenryphotography

    Let me also discourage you from selecting the Fisher-Price camera. My 3 year old grandson said “Granny Sue, I need a new camera. This one doesn’t take very good pictures.”

  11. Christina Shaver

    You have a photographer in the making, that’s for sure. Can’t wait to read your posts at the other blog! Congrats!!!

  12. AMomTwoBoys

    Two things:

    1) OMG, that photo is ADORABLE.
    2) You’re on Facebook?

    A) Yay for the new gig! That’s awesome! Congratulations!

  13. AMomTwoBoys

    Yes, I realize that was three things. So sue me.

    And your background is trippy. Which might have something to do with the several glasses of wine I’ve had tonight. Whatever.

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