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Get the fork away from your brother’s eye!
Get the fork away from your brother’s eye!

Get the fork away from your brother’s eye!

Yes, I really said this at dinner last night.

Yes, A really did have a fork dangerously close to J’s eye as they were farting around at the table.

And yes, it took my husband nearly snorting wine out his nose for me to realize just what the heck I had said.

edit: My memory is getting worse and worse. Apparently I actually said, “Get the fork away from him!” Which is even funnier. I hope Tom still loves me when the half-heimer’s becomes full-fledged Alzheimers.


  1. scribbit

    Between my husband and my kids our dinner time is nothing but an exercise in insanity. They all think it’s time for all the bad manners they know. Heaven forbid we should ever have company.

  2. Jen

    Yeah, I was tired of the pink. Wish I could figure out how to do my own design on Blogger.

    And scribbit, when we have company over for dinner, they either already have kids, or we lock the boys in the basement. Kidding! Mostly… We have issues with our DirecTv/XM radio. We’re convinced someone is living in the speakers and plays chaos-appropriate music at dinner. That little spy is dead on.

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