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Gratitude Wednesday
Gratitude Wednesday

Gratitude Wednesday

Ok, more stuff I’m thankful for. Yes, a couple more commercial things, but it’s the small things that make me happy. 😉

Nutella. Oh.My. If you haven’t tried this, shame on you. I’ve seen it for years on the grocery store shelves, it’s at Costco in big jars (two, at that!), always thought I’d get around to trying it. Then I saw a thingy on the Food Network about it. And then I got some. And then I kicked myself around the block for not getting some YEARS ago. Have you tried this? It’s creamy chocolate. With hazelnut flavor. Hello! Schmear some on a Girl Scout cookie and it’s a whole new taste sensation. It’s so good I just want to schmear it all over my breasts and call it a night. Tom would love that too.

Brain, Child magazine. I got a copy of this in the mail last fall because of the mom’s group I’m in. Fell in love with it instantly. They call themselves the magazine for thinking moms and they are right. I let my subscriptions to Parents or Parenting or whatever it was I had lapse because I got tired of the ads, of the articles that just ended up making me feel like the worst mom in the world and just general ticked-offed-ness with the magazine. Then I got this one. Great articles, intelligent commentary, I don’t feel like the worst mom in the world but a mom who, along with others out there, try hard to balance what we have. Check them out, get a subscription, don’t let this mag disappear. I get absolutely nothing from this, I just love reading this thing.

My friend/personal trainer who is gently and kindly kicking my sorry ass into shape. I was doing great until the Prednisone packed 12+ pounds onto me. At least I’m tall enough to hide some of it. Now summer is knocking at the door, I need a new swimsuit (my current one is older than A), and she is going to find a 5k for me to run this summer Godhelpme.

The basement designer who is going to do our basement design/blueprints. Our basement is funky enough that we won’t do it ourselves. Tom is too busy to finish the basement, I have the boys to chase, so we’re hiring it out. This guy does great work and I’m dying to see what he comes up with for our space.

The incredibly deep snowpack in the high country. Yeah, a strange thing to be thankful for, but if we get a slow snowmelt, we won’t have water restrictions this summer and I won’t feel guilty for a) drinking a glass of water, b) taking a shower after working out, and c) running the sprinkler so the boys can run through it.

Much to be thankful for…oh, and that SPRING IS ONE WEEK AWAY!!!!! I may dance naked at dawn I’m so happy.

Whaddya think?

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