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Gratitude Wednesday-smile to keep from screaming
Gratitude Wednesday-smile to keep from screaming

Gratitude Wednesday-smile to keep from screaming

I made it to my scrapbooking retreat, sick and all. Still sick, J is sick, both boys have ENT appts. this afternoon…I’m wiped and trying to stay postitive, so I’m doing an extended Gratitude Wednesday to smack myself into being cheerful.

I have wonderful friends who (I assume) like being around me, enough to go to Winter Park with me for 4 days and put up with my thin blood and inability to regulate my body temperature. But I’ll have you know, I only moved the thermostat to 68, up from 60.

A has an incredible occupational therapist who truly loves him. He doesn’t need to go every week now (Thank GOD! That 100 mile round trip excursion every week was murder). She’s given us a lot of help so we can help A. He’s still a challenge, but we’re (slightly) better equipped.

Love and Logic is the other great help when it comes to A (and now J, since he seems to have thrown himself headlong into the terrible twos). Tom and I are re-reading the original book, and I ordered another book and CD set on Monday. Gotta love being up the road from the Institute; got my order yesterday. I’ve often thought about dropping A off there and telling them to call me when they have him figured out. The books should be a good alternative. If you’re not familiar with Love and Logic (never heard of it ’til I moved to CO; if I had learned it in college as a classroom discipline method I’d probably still be a teacher), check them out. It’s truly a help.

Coffee. If you have to ask…

My health. Ok, I seem to have some sort of crud that has lodged itself in my vocal cords, making it tough to talk, but other than that, I’m reasonably healthy. Reasonably.

Tom’s health. If he ever gets truly ill…well, let’s not think about that. He’s had a hard time of it lately, with so many people in the circle of his world getting severely ill or dying. Let’s recount: two deaths, a diagnosis of liver cancer, and yesterday found out that one of his clients, age 42, had a stroke a week ago. For crying out loud! So, needless to say, he’s going to be taking better care of himself.

The boys’ pediatrician. He’s awesome, actually named as one of the country’s best pediatricians. I’m very lucky, the boys are lucky. His office staff is also wonderful.

The nice company finishing our basement. The contractors have been quick, polite, accurate, and sweep up every night. June 26th is our finish date. Can’t wait.

Beautiful sunny days like today. Sun does wonders to cheer me up.

Ok, that’s a start. The day is already looking up.


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