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Gratitude Wednesday-things I love
Gratitude Wednesday-things I love

Gratitude Wednesday-things I love

Ok, today for Gratitude Wednesday it’s “Things I Absolutely Love.” Stuff I’m so happy to have, yes, it’s commercial, but hey, I’m happy.

My boys are pancake freaks. Saturday is pancake day, no matter what. No cheap generic syrup for us here, no way. I love me some of this. Why maple sirup from Illinois, you might ask? We got married here, just down the road from the sirup place. Maple trees everywhere. If you browse around the site (and go to the corresponding Funks Grove site) and end up seeing a picture of a little white church, that’s the place. Ten years now. And yes, it’s spelled “sirup”…read why while you’re there.

We all know I’m a scrapbook-holic. This is my favorite stuff. Delivered to my house, once a month, quality stuff that is beautiful and fun to play with.

Tom and I love to grill and we can grill year ’round…well, when it’s not snowing like today. Our favorite sauce in the world is here. The takeout at this place is incredible and we bring home sauce anytime we’re in Chicago. My brother gave us a gift certificate for XMAS; gotta remember to use it–they ship!

Ok, out of material things…

I am also grateful for flannel sheets…’cause it’s snowing and they’re warm.

I am very grateful for de-icing on airplanes…’cause Tom is getting on one right now and as I said, it’s snowing something fierce out there.

So there ya go.

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