Dec 08 2009

Guess what *I* get to do this afternoon?

C’mon, guess!

Jen! You’re hopping a plane to somewhere the sun has not forsaken?

Nope, ‘fraid not. And I’m convinced the sun has taken off for a more interesting solar system.

Jen! You’re starting a new job, your dream career, and you’ll be paid based on your current weight?

No, though that wouldn’t do much for advancement, since that weight is happy-go-bye-bye soon.

Oh, I know, Jen! A full afternoon of pampering?

Eh, not so much.

Snort…you’re taking Princess the PMSing Laptop to get her hard drive replaced again, aren’t you?

DingDingDing!!!! We have a winner!

Poopyhead computer.


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  1. Merrily


  2. Theresa

    Oh boy…Darn thing.

  3. Robin from Israel


  4. Mrs4444

    Sounds stressful!! I hope it was painless AND effective.

  5. Nancy Campbell

    Oh, Princess. It’s time for a Christmas Miracle.

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