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Halloween wrap-up
Halloween wrap-up

Halloween wrap-up

First day of NaBloPoMo and I nearly blew it. Eight pm MDT and I’m just now working on day one. And tomorrow will probably be along the lines of lather, rinse, repeat.

So let’s start with a little quiz. A word problem, if you will. Deepest apologies if this causes unpleasant math class flashbacks.

If, on a random Halloween, the weather is predicted to be in the upper 70s (with Trick or Treating temps in the high 50s), the holiday falls on a Friday, a train leaves Chicago at noon traveling 50 mph and another leaves Denver at 1pm at 75 mph, and Jen buys a crapton of candy, what are the odds that the doorbell only rings a dozen times?

If you answered “Jen still has a crapton of candy,” then you are correct!

There is probably 20 pounds of candy in this house right now, most of it crap I bought. Thankfully some local dentists are doing “Cash for Candy,” where you can turn in Halloween candy for money. The candy then goes to troops overseas. After the Candy Fairy visits next week, there will be some troops who will want dental floss. And from all that? No peanut butter cups. The hell, neighborhood? Peanut butter cups are manna and no one gave them out? Shame on all of us. Next year I’m buying myself peanut butter cups.


That would be Indiana Jones and Batman. No, don’t wipe your glasses or adjust your monitor, the picture is blurry. In fact, every single picture I take these days is blurry. No idea why, but it’s frustrating as hell.

Rosie? No, didn’t dress up the dog. Couldn’t do that to her. She woulda looked up at me with those soulful eyes that woulda said, “Really? You’d do this to me?” So I passed. I’ll get her with the raindeer antlers in a few weeks.

And now I’ll go with a reminder to turn your clocks back tonight. It’s be awfully embarrassing to be an hour early for everything tomorrow.


  1. The two mornings I looked forward to all year, switching the clocks, my one out from going to Mass on Sunday mornings. I’m going to hell.

    I had no idea Indy was such a big costume hit for the boys this year, until about 200 showed up at my door. If only they could have brought River Phoenix.

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