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He wasn’t invited, but he came anyway
He wasn’t invited, but he came anyway

He wasn’t invited, but he came anyway

Tom and I had a blast at Disney World last week. Murphy wasn’t invited along, but he came nonetheless. Eventually we tired of him and drowned him in a puddle courtesy of Tropical Storm Alberto. Yes, we were veddy veddy wet for a few days there. I now understand “rain bands” in a very personal way. We rode Big Thunder Railroad in one. It was awesome. We laughed through 2 days of pouring rain. Wouldn’t have been fun/funny if the boys had been with us, but Tom and I have done enough years of “suck it up, the weather ain’t that bad” because of marching band that we had a ball.
So the boys had fun with my parents, Tom and I came home rejuvenated, and we’re back in the thick of things with smiles on our faces. Good thing…yesterday was extremely long, culminating with a 5 year old’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Oh God, I hate that place. Sensory overload for me, it sends A pretty close to the edge.
Basement is almost done, we should have our home back soon.
And now, my solitary peace due to insomnia is over. The kids are waking, the sun is up, and the weekend beckons.

Whaddya think?

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