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Hey Jen, what’s up with…??? volume two
Hey Jen, what’s up with…??? volume two

Hey Jen, what’s up with…??? volume two

Time for another exciting Hey Jen, what’s up with…??? The last one broke internet ground (big cracks in the foundation, and it’s not covered under the warranty, so you’re outta luck) , so it’s back for round two. Not nearly as entertaining as Holly’s Monday Potluck (which I think should be a weekly carnival-complete with cute little button-that I could participate in, because I’m lazy as all get out on Mondays and it’s all about me, dont’ja know), but whatevah.

Hey Jen, what’s up with your new blog bling? Yeah, ain’t it purty?

I got it from Tootsie. No, didn’t steal it, she gave it to me. And if I ever meet her, I’ll still think of her as Tootsie. ‘Cause somehow I just can’t imagine her as an Amy or a Stephanie or a Sha’Niqua.

And I’m passing it along to Jamie, Christina, Dawn, Tiffany, and Angie. I should really add more, but I’m noticing how quiet it is upstairs and I’m not nearly done with this post. Good God, boys, just don’t set the house on fire.

Hey Jen, what’s up with the new school construction? Well, they might just get that puppy done before school starts on August 18th notthatI’mcountingdownoranything. It appears the school itself is finished, most of the landscaping is done (except for the patch directly behind the house. It’s a mess of weeds and mud. Not happy about it.), and they’re almost done with the playgrounds. Yes, playgrounds plural. The big one with the sand is right behind us and the swings are across the blacktop. The preschool/kindergarten playground is also almost done, but it’ll be fenced in and I don’t want the boys playing there. As soon as the whole shebang is done, I’m calling the fence dudes to come in and work me up a gate. ‘Cause I am so not lifting my kids up and over the fence every.single.time they think the grass is greener. Wait, the grass is greener on my side. It’s actually grass. And not a mess of weeds and mud. Not that I’m bitter about it.

Hey Jen, what’s up with your garden? Holy heck, the garden. Well…

Here’s Roger, the Rhubarb Plant Hell-Bent on World Domination. He got a new rock border this spring and is not happy to be fenced in like that. So Tom went out and yanked out roughly 12 cups of Roger for a friend who wanted to make some rhubarb pies. We’re mean like that. But Roger may have some competition this summer:

That would be a Brussels Sprout plant. I’m starting to fear it. The jalapeno in the same box will not grow, it’s so afraid. C’mon, jalapeno, grow a pair! You can out-spice those sprouts any day!

Usually Roger forms an uneasy alliance with the Roma tomatoes, but probably not this year:

I think the Romas are showing solidarity with all the Romas that aren’t in grocery stores. If the Romas are removed from the stores…“Hell no, we won’t grow!”

But I think this year Roger will stage a coup with the tomatillos:

Every one of those blossoms will become a tomatillo. Have recipes to share? I think I’d better learn to can.

Hey Jen, what’s up with your hair? Damned good question. I’d love to know what’s up with my hair. I’m usually a short hair person, but every few years I get a wild hair (heh) to grow it all out. I have visions of long, luscious locks that drape over my shoulders and are a lovely accessory. In reality, my hair gets all stringy and clingy. I had lovely long-ish hair for my wedding…and my hairdresser came to our hotel the very next day and cut it all off. So my wedding pictures have long hair and honeymoon pictures have very short hair. I may be doing this soon. I just feel grimy. My ideal haircut?

Yes, that’s Rachel Maddow. Now, if you’ve seen her on Olberman lately, you’ve seen my ideal haircut, the one I’ve had for most of my adult life. Why am I not jumping on it? Well, it’s embarrassing actually. You know how everything stops growing once you hit your adult size? Yeah, everything but cartilage. Um…are my ears really that big???

Hey Jen, what’s up with the boys’ swimming lessons? They’re going remarkably well. In fact, A passed level one today. This is HUGE. He’s the kid who would freak out about water in his ears, the water jets, that hydrogen and oxygen would have the audacity to combine…and he’s about to start learning floating and gliding. J is still working on water bobs and it’s a fairly significant miracle he went back into the water today. Yesterday after lessons we stayed for a little while to play. I was not in my swimsuit (a big mistake I will not be repeating). The boys floated on their noodles…and J’s got away from him. He kept trying to grab it and ended up in the deep end. And went under. By the time that happened, I was already to him. Fully dressed. Where was the lifeguard? Beats the hell outta me. I looked when we got out; one lifeguard. The pool had just opened and the other lifeguard hadn’t made it to the deep end yet. Not happy. Oh, and today they pulled a dead floating mouse out of the hot tub A had just gotten out of. Ick. If he starts squeaking and demanding more cheese, I’m going to get really pissed.

Hey Jen, what’s up with your husband’s traveling? He’s home now, but I’m about done with it. He doesn’t travel much, but when he does it’s in continuous spurts. He had a business trip to Disney Land a few weeks ago. Not Anaheim, the actual parks. Grrr….

Hey Jen, what’s up with the story I’m hearing about you going to Vegas? Um, yeah. Tom and I are going to Vegas next week with a bunch of friends. The kicker? We’re renewing our vows with Elvis. Three of the couples going are doing it. Who knew the 12th, 15th, and 29th anniversaries were the Elvis anniversaries?

Hey Jen, what’s up with your white trash patio? My patio is still a white-trash patio, thanks for asking. I brought this up in the first “Hey Jen, what’s up with…???” two months ago. But at least now we have the patio guy coming out on Monday to start the process. White-trash no more!

Hey Jen, what’s up with the gluten-free/casein-free diet? Yeah, ya know…this is getting durned long, so this will have to be its own post. But it’s going well.

Hey Jen, what’s up with the boys’ karate? Big day for A today, he was recognized by the instructor for good focus. This.Is.Big. Bigger than big. A’s big difficulty is, and always has been, focus. So for the instructor to recognize him for good focus is huge. He’s so proud. He will be continuing. This guy is great and the whole atmosphere is wonderful.

Hey Jen, what’s up with that snazzy new V-Motion you’re sportin’? Yeah, I won that from Denver Mile High Mamas. If you’re a Denver/Colorado mom blogger, get thee to this site. It was one heck of an awesome prize package: the V-Motion, a Kung-Fu Panda smartridge, a gift card to AMC to go see Kung Fu Panda, and candy/popcorn. Rock.ON.

Hey Jen, what’s up with learning how to use your camera(s)? Well, I discovered that somehow the bigger camera had its date setting changed to 2005. Drove me insane until I figured it out and fixed it. Other than that, uh, no. Haven’t done a thing. I coulda Twittered that…

Hey Jen, what’s up with the length of this post? The End.


  1. Me

    Rachel’s hair is way too short! I thought it was Noah Wylie (sp?)! Mine was cut like that 5 years or so ago, but it was by mistake. New stylist who kept trying to “even it up”. I looked like my brother! I think you should get a perm (like in high school) 🙂 I’m growing mine out, so that I can cut the blonde off as the gray wins the battle!

    Five more days!!

  2. madge

    I have had that same short haircut for EVER. am currently trying to grow it out. why? it’s not going to work. it’s going to get freaky when it reaches my ears and i’ll run back to my hair guy and beg him to cut it……

  3. Hey Jen, thanks for the kudos! What a neat treat! As for the haircut, well, I like what’s-her-name’s hair, but then my fashion sense is a bit stunted. I tend to look at a person and judge appearances on A) is it neat and presentable? and B) did it take six hours to prepare or is it some sensible thing? I’m all for neat and easy. Fashion does not get to dictate how much of my life is spent in front of a mirror making myself look presentable to others. If I am comfortable, if nothing is ripped or stained, and the clothes match the venue, I’m good to go. Why work harder than that? If people are going to remember you only for the clothes you wear or how your hair is styled, you need to get new friends who will listen to your thoughts and feelings. Beauty passes. Smarts will carry you further.

  4. HRH

    “that hydrogen and oxygen would have the audacity to combine” issues my oldest shares. The second part of that is once he got used to the pool water he was then seriously disturbed if any BUGs (alive or dead) also were sharing in the pool fun. Lord have mercy on my patient soul. BUT yesterday was good for us too with the lessons and there is hope…

    I have outlined my plans for world wide blog domination through the potluck. Do you think it is time to make the first move? Seriously, if I put up a Mr. Linky and no one signs up I will probably have to quit altogether! Maybe I could do one of those polls or something.

  5. That cut makes me think of Jamie Lee Curtis. I’ve always loved her hair, even though I’d never be brave enough to try and pull it off. Congrats on renewing your vows with Elvis. Sounds like a blast!

    And, the dead mouse in the hot tub….really?!?!? EWWW!!

  6. brittany

    New to your log, but wanted to say, ilove that haircut. I have been contemplating chopping mine alloff, I am just scared to take the plunge…but I wouldlove to!

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