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How Do I Procrastinate?
How Do I Procrastinate?

How Do I Procrastinate?

Let me count the ways

It’s finally summer. Is it summer? The days have all blended together and without looking at a calendar I honestly have no idea what day it is. I suppose it’s summer? It’s hot, humidity has climbed, my garden is in, and I finished the school year yesterday. Sounds like summer, feels like the 279th day of March.

Yes, I’m rambling. Am I procrastinating? Yes to that as well. What am I procrastinating? All the crap I’ve put off since mid-March when I took up counting the dust motes when I wasn’t trying to teach middle school band online. There may or may not have been drooling. When counting the dust motes, not teaching, though there may have been that as well; my mind dulled when the days jumbled together, though dust mote counting may have been a contributing factor.

Still procrastinating.

How do I procrastinate? Let me count the ways.

Tidy my desk, for an clean desk is a focused mind. I see dust, I’ll get the duster. Whoops, no dusters upstairs, gotta head down. Better take the coffee cup and get a refill. I’ll water the plants and check on the garden while I’m down here. Get the duster, take care of the desk, dust the rest of the office. Attempt to roust the high schooler from bed, fail miserably, but at least he stumbled through feeding the cat before face-planting back into the pillow. It’s stuffy, hunt down the fan. Finish coffee. Look at the list of crap to do, whimper, balance mental bandwidth with current caffeine levels, find the balance out of whack, back downstairs for more coffee. Do something easy: journaling! Password protected screaming into the void for the win! Need music. No, not that…nor that…that has possib…nope, too distracting…land on deep focus new agey binaural audio something-or-other. The coffee is now demanding exit and I’m thirsty. Bathroom trip, ice water, back to the desk. Again check the list of crap to do, whimper less, start clearing out unimportant emails. Interrupted by family member with a question, then a complaint, then a long-winded story. Like a puppy, the coffee wants out again. Return to desk, certain that caffeine levels have reached equilibrium with the mental bandwidth needed for the day. Start a project, dislike how the writing is flowing, set it aside. Start another project, poke at it awhile, check emails. See that Amazon has delivered a package, head downstairs to bring it inside. Look wistfully at the now empty coffeepot. Toss laundry into the dryer, check that the crockpot is crocking properly, get drawn into a conversation with two family members. Return to desk while yelling at the still-snoring high schooler that it’s now 11:00 and for the love of all things it’s time to get up. Start a third project. Need handcream, chapstick, ice water. Return to the first project, start again with a different angle, like it slightly better, return to project #2. Reply to texts. Back to project the third, curse, have some ice water, and apply forehead to the clean and dust-free desk.

Maybe it’s procrastination, maybe it’s ADD, maybe it’s Maybelline.

This was my morning. Gonna be a long summer if this becomes the norm. I fell out of concentration practice the last few months and it’s gonna be a bitch getting it back. But hey, I can cross something off my list: finally got this post finished.

**No, there was no counting in this post, thanks for noticing. It’s the dust motes’ fault.


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