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I am a runner
I am a runner

I am a runner

I got talked into running a 5k in September. That’s what you get when you casually mention to your personal trainer (who is also a good friend) that a 5k is something you might want to do “someday.” The next thing you know, you’ve picked out a date and are in training. Holy cow. So I’m running a 5k in September and I’m in training for it. And it’s going well. I actually (gasp!) like it. This is big; I usually say that if I’m running I’d better have someone chasing me. Well, if someone ever chases me, I’ll be in shape to run away.

I work out on our treadmill, usually when J is sleeping and A comes out to play while I run. Yeah, the treadmill is in the garage while the basement is torn up. A word of warning: when your treadmill is in the garage and you work out during the hottest part of the day, it’s going to be hot. And Gatorade will never, ever taste so good. I usually hate Gatorade, tastes like seawater to me. I now fantasize about it while I run. And while I run I count the mice in the garage and make notes to fill the cracks with expandable foam. And I mentally list the songs I will have in my “running” playlist when I earn an iPod.

I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that I would be a runner. I was, at best, a walker. Pretty much a sofa spud. I look thin and fit, but I’m also 5’11” and can hide it well. But I’m sneaking into my mid-30s and I’ve noticed the morning creaks are getting creakier and the metabolism is looking down the road at the exit ramp. So it’s move it or lose it.

One of my motivators is this website and corresponding blog. I first found it when I was on a Weight Watchers email list after A was born and I was losing the baby weight. This woman is truly an inspiration. If I ever doubt myself, somehow her story creeps into my brain and I find myself pushing harder. I know that all things are possible.

So I run. Stairs are easier. When Tom and I go on our trip to Disney World next week (oh, we really need this vacation) the walking will be easy. And I plan to run the Bolder Boulder next year. No need to chase me. ; )

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  1. Karin

    I actually started doing a tiny bit of running right before I got pregnant, but when I had to go on pelvic rest, I had to stop doing everything so I had to stop. And I haven’t managed to get myself to the point where I’m ready to try again yet. I need to lose some more weight before I’ll be trying that again…lol! Good for you though!

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