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I AM the Laptop Angel of Death
I AM the Laptop Angel of Death

I AM the Laptop Angel of Death

You know, I think that title sounds a wee bit familiar. Oh. Because I wrote a post in December titled “Yes, I AM the technological Angel of Death.” That would be why. Long story short and painful:

MacDreamy needs a new motherboard.

No. Not making this up. Not happy about this. I’ve been having problems with the display for a couple of months and finally dragged it into the Genius Bar this afternoon. After a 17 minute scan:

MacDreamy, noooo!

The video card is gasping, it’s connected to the motherboard, and before you can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious I have a new one on order. Through the miracle of warranties and the foresight that only comes through surviving Princess the PMSing Laptop, this will not cost me a cent. There is now a quiet corner waiting for me, where I can alternate sucking on my thumb and a margarita.

Next time I’m at a Boulder street fair I’m having my aura examined, my chakras soothed, and my karma rearranged.


  1. Maybe all that energy work will help with your computer issues. I sometimes feel my energy destroys electronics. Things just tend to blow up around me. Once, when I worked at Hewlett Packard, I actually confused their database system. No one could figure out how I did it either.

  2. Hmmm.. I have a friend who thinks “excessive metal in the body” is the cause of all of life’s problems. She had all of her fillings replaced with lord-knows-what, in order to purify her body. Maybe that’s your problem? Too much metal? Or maybe just too much mental? heehee

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