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I confess, I’m a lurker!
I confess, I’m a lurker!

I confess, I’m a lurker!

Right now, looking down at my Google reader tally, I have 223 unread posts. Oy vey. That’s a good couple of hours of reading there. And when I have that much reading, I tend to skim…read quickly…save to comment later…and then never do.

I’ve become a lurker.

I don’t want to be a lurker! I was, way back when I first started reading blogs. But then I started one, and realized that comments are blogger crack. You need more and more and MORE. Comments thrill me, and I do my damnest to answer all of them. Might take me a week, but I do try.

So I’ll do better in the next couple of weeks. I’ll be on vacation! My in-laws have wireless! (Seriously, someone check and see if the Four Horsemen are thundering across the skies…) My hope and plan is to read and comment and write and email and, oh yeah, do the family thing too.

I have a crapton of blogs in my reader; my goal is to comment on each one once. If you read here and lurk, leave a comment. I’ll come by. I’ll comment! Gasp! I’ll answer your comment! Pinky swear.

Now back to wrapping gifts/doing laundry/planning for this trip…


  1. Katherine

    I am a regular lurker. I read you everyday and love all the chaos, it reminds me so much of my life. But I never post a comment mostly cause I feel to lazy. But if it’s like crack to you…….we can all use a little artificial crack!!

  2. We lurk because we want our comments to be as good as our blog posts I think. So we tell ourselves we’ll be back to comment when we have something witty to say. But not this time…no no…I’m just going to leave this non-witty comment about not having anything clever to say.

  3. God, it’s so true. I used to just post stuff and read, but now my day doesn’t feel complete without commenting. I should be folding that stupid pile of laundry behind me, but I’d rather be commenting. 🙂

  4. I am one step behind you, I barely even have time to lurk!

    Since about a month ago it seems there has not been time for blogging, reading, or commenting. I am sooo looking forward to my christmas vacation so I can catch up on everything.

    I feel your pain.

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