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I could…but I won’t
I could…but I won’t

I could…but I won’t

I could write about how disappointed I am in Maine’s decision to vote in favor of intolerance, of fear, of discrimination. But I won’t.

I could write about how Greeley, Colorado residents decided that education was just too expensive to fund.

I could write about my ongoing frustrations with the boys’ school and how A’s needs aren’t being met and how I’d probably have more success giving myself a hysterectomy with jello than getting some definitive answers.

I could write about all sorts of things today.

But I won’t.


  1. Isn’t it amazing how we all complain about the state of America’s education system yet when it comes right down to it most people don’t want to pony up to give it more money. (they will however pony up to pay for season tickets to some sporting event… but I digress.) Apparently the money to fund education and educators (not administrators they’re taken care of) is supposed to come from that money tree in our backyard. But I’m not telling you where I live. It’s mine all mine!!!

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