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I could use a hand here…
I could use a hand here…

I could use a hand here…

Oh, I had a wonderful post all written, and Blogger ate it. Actually, no, it wasn’t Blogger fault. It was J’s fault. He found the little switch on the front of my laptop that turns the wireless on and off. This computer obviously wasn’t designed by someone with small children at home. Who the hell puts something like that on the front of the computer? So when J toggled the switch, I lost my connection and my beautiful post.

It was all about how much I love my husband, and how worried I am about him. He’s had a wicked week, dealing with a bunch of “aluminum foil wearing people”. He works from home, and days can go by where I’m the adult he sees. The adult community band he conducts is probably going to dissolve tonight. That has been his only creative outlet, and the only connection he has to his previous life as a musician.

He needs a hobby. (Dang it all, I’m really ticked off my post evaporated, I said it so well before and now I’m going off a swiss-cheese memory!) He started a blog about a year ago, wrote four posts and stopped. www.lifeontivo.blogspot.com He used to write for his college paper, back in the day. I have all his articles, and read them when I need a good laugh.

If you would, could you please swing by his blog? Give him a hobby idea, tell him to keep writing, or something? Otherwise, it’s going to be blowing things up on Lego Star Wars, and that’s installed on my new computer and I need to work on sharing. Good jokes and puns are appreciated, and if you actually know him, make him laugh. Thanks so much.

Whaddya think?

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