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I got me the blues
I got me the blues

I got me the blues

Colorado is a blue state. Ordinarily, this doesn’t bother me. So you have to go to a liquor store to buy booze, no big deal. So you can’t buy anything on Sunday, slightly big deal. Then there are the days when you have to make the bad/worse decision: take the kids in with you or leave them locked in the car. Other states (and I’m talking to you here, Illinois) don’t know how good they got it. You can buy liquor at the grocery store. Ahh…to go in and get groceries AND beer. Well, I guess I can do that here, but I don’t count 3.2% as beer (friends don’t let friends drink Coors Light). And I’ve heard, in California, you can buy wine at Costco. How awesome would that be? Cheap wine in bulk!

So why the blues? Let’s recap:

  • Tom has the flu and has been in bed all day.
  • I came downstairs this morning to find A at my computer watching a video while eating a popsicle and listening to iTunes. Really, I can’t make up stuff this good. I’ve given up the thought of selling him; I may offer money for someone to take him.
  • I ultimately decided to forgo the Fat Tire so I could get the kids home for lunch. If I’d had to drag them into the liquor store I would have had to have a beer with lunch and I’m nowhere close to being that bad off…yet.
  • The kids and I will end up with the flu that Tom has right about the time he leaves for his business trip. My parents will be here and we’ll all end up sick. Don’t that sound like fun!?

So it’s all kinds of Monday today. But I have groceries, clean laundry, and fresh sheets on the beds. And a brand new kit from Club Scrap. That alone is enough to make up for the rest of today’s crap. : )


  1. Andrea

    Oh! I hate taking the kids into the liquor stores – makes me feel like a lush…and I don’t go that often (truly). We used to make fun of the drive-thru liquor stores in college, maybe that’s the secret? Hope you’re starting to feel better.

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