Nov 13 2017

I see you




Hidden in plain sight.


I see you.

I see you in the classroom, rarely living up to your “potential.”
I see you wanting to succeed, but struggling against your own self.
I see you out there in the world, working so hard only to appear average-to-middling.

I believe you.

I believe you exist. Why do you think I have so many unicorns? Unicorns are powerfully magical creatures, but few believe they exist, much like twice-exceptional kids.
I believe you are working as hard as you are able, despite what others may think or say.
I believe you will change the world, because you will have found alternate ways of succeeding, the ways that work best for you, and we will all benefit.

I promise you.

I promise you that I will continue to fight for your right to live outside the box, for that is where you thrive.
I promise you that I will keep writing about your struggles and your successes and your general awesomeness.
I promise you that I will be your advocate, your voice, your friend.

Because I see you.


This post is part of November’s GHF Blog Hop. Please visit the other participants to read their take on the topic of invisible gifted kids.

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  1. G

    A wonderful and loving tribute that could only come from a caring person who has been or is in the struggle. Never quit!

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