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I vastly underestimated my Coochy
I vastly underestimated my Coochy

I vastly underestimated my Coochy

This stuff. The greatest shave cream evah. I ran out…thought I had more and was wrong.

What’d you think I meant?

Get your mind outta the gutter.


  1. Poetikat

    OMG!!!! I just dropped into that Slumber Parties site and holy moly, that was a shocker! How did you get on to them? (I like how you can use your shave cream as a hair conditioner too!) I Don’t Think So!


  2. Holy Moly, I thought I was the only one addicted to Coochy Cream! I’ve been using it for almost 20 years now! And, yes, it makes a fine hair conditioner! I can’t wait to peruse the website when I get home (the computer here at school won’t allow it to even open) What else might I need to order…..

  3. Um, I have worked hard for at least 35 of my 56 years on this planet to elevate my mind from the gutter. Just when I think I have control and do not immediately start there, someone(you) kicks me right back in the cess pool of inappropriate thought. Now because of your post, my mind is stuck in the gutter and will be always whenever I read the word “coochy”. Thanks a lot.

  4. momunplugged

    I once had the “pleasure” of meeting a man who referred to all women as “coochies.” Ugh.

    I’d love to see the Google hits you get from that title! Your are a brave woman!

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