May 17 2012

I’m bringing tingle back

I have a new BFF. Allegra. She’s a tough broad, able to vanquish dandelions without breaking a sweat. It’s a tough road for her right now, as The Great Snotting is still running amok, but I have faith in her abilities.

Breathing well has taken on a new urgency as of late.

I have a flute student.

There was great rejoicing in the House of Chaos once the new student was confirmed. Teaching flute lessons, my first love, works so well around homeschooling. And I like being my own boss.

There is one niggling problem, however.

My back. It tingles and goes numb just randomly throughout the day. I’d think it was nerve damage from years of playing, but I haven’t had a marathon practice session for awhile now, at least since having kids. I suspect it has more to do with hours on a computer plus poor posture plus lack of exercise plus the mild scoliosis I’ve rocked my whole life.

Looking back, flute probably wasn’t the best choice for me, strictly from a physical standpoint. Jaw problems, shoulder issues, neck pain…then again, maybe I should just take better care of myself.

No matter. With stretches and patience, my flute and I will have great fun rebuilding a flute studio. And then the tingles will be from the music being made and not the nerves screaming in pain.


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  1. ChiTown Girl

    yay! Congrats on the new student!!

  2. My Kids Mom

    yoga, yoga, yoga!

  3. Suzanne

    Good news! Happy Fluting!

    Have you tried physical therapy? It is really helping me with my bum shoulder.

  4. BeckyG


  1. Strike up the band

    […] I realized while playing last night that I really do need to do something about my back. The tingling is bad when I’m not playing, with playing it’s nearly unbearable. At […]

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