Nov 17 2008

It’s a dog’s life

Everything turned out ok in the end.

Rosie the Wonder Mutt scared the bejeezus out of us last night. She was lying on the floor, Tom was rubbing her head, and she had a seizure. Why these things don’t happen at 11 am on a Monday morning instead of 5 pm on a Sunday night is beyond me. I got her to the emergency vet, they checked her out, took blood, and she’s totally fine. It’s either just one of those things, or she has lesions on her brain that we can only find if we do an MRI. Sorry Rosie, no MRI. So we just watch her and take note of anything unusual.

She’s taking it easy today, which is hard to tell, given she’s part Basset and her schedule reads something like this:

7:00 am ramble around the house until someone feeds me

7:15 go outside, sniff, pee, sniff, go to back door and look pathetic until someone lets me back in

7:20 eat

7:21 finish eating

7:22 drink contents of water bowl, look pathetic until someone refills it

7:23 chase the two short creatures

7:25 get belly rub

7:30 lie on the floor, look pathetic until someone rubs my head

7:45 vacuum up the remnants of short creatures’ breakfast

8:00 follow mom upstairs, lie outside bathroom door while she gets cleaned up

8:50 follow older short creature out the door to school

9:00-3:35 lie on the floor, look pathetic until someone rubs my head, follow mom around

3:35-5:00 chase short creatures, get belly rubs, lie on the floor, look pathetic until someone rubs my head

5:15 eat

5:16 finish eating

5:17 drink contents of water bowl, look pathetic until someone refills it

5:18-7:00 vacuum up remnants of short creatures’ dinner, chase short creatures, follow mom around, lie on the floor, look pathetic until someone rubs my head

7:00-10:00 lie on the couch next mom and dad, look pathetic until someone rubs my head

10:00 go pee

10:05 get treat, go into crate, sleep, howling optional

So I’m just gonna baby her today, not that I don’t on any other given day, but today especially. And tomorrow the little chubster is changing dog foods; she gained four pounds since joining us over Labor Day weekend. Poor thing refused to get up on the scale last night, and didn’t find it particularly funny that I told her “at least they’re not putting you in stirrups, babe!”

And I hope to God she doesn’t seize again. That was terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.


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  1. RC

    Hope it turns out to be just a fluke – how scary!

  2. Jennie

    very scary! The husband’s cousin’s dog has seizures just ’cause, drives them crazy but the dog does it anyway. The boy had a seizure once while we were in the middle of nowhere Kansas, THAT was fun let me tell ya’.

  3. Merrily

    Dogs (like children) just shouldn’t have anything wrong with them. They are just too pure. good luck with that.

    And another thing – I want to be a dog!

  4. Christina Shaver

    I have extra Depakote in my medicine cabinet if you want it. (That’s only a semi-joke. I’ve always wondered if pets could take the same kind of medicine humans do.)

    Hope it doesn’t happen again! I know those are terrifying to watch.

  5. Cathy

    That would be so scary!! I hope she’s ok.

  6. Poetikat

    Our cat Daisy had a seizure when she was a kitten. We thought for sure she was going to die, but in the middle of the night she appeared on our bed and went under the covers and snuggled into my husband’s armpit. She never had another seizure, but every night since, she’s had to get into the bed and get some “pit”. Strange, but sweet.

    I hope it’s only a one-time thing for Rosie.


  7. denise@EatPlayLove

    with the nipping and seizure, you just brought me right back to reality. no dog for a while. I am so glad she’s ok!

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