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It’s Always Something, part deux
It’s Always Something, part deux

It’s Always Something, part deux

We got the preliminary report back yesterday on A’s sleep study. We’re not nuts, there’s something going on. I hate to be happy about that, but we’ve been looking for answers for years. The sleep tech said A was having more evening arousals than normal (slight waking), and (in my eyes, more importantly) had desaturization of his oxygen levels while he slept, most noticeably while sleeping on his right side. In other words, the kid isn’t getting enough quality oxygen while he sleeps, and thus isn’t sleeping well and his behavior goes downhill. I’d believe it. He is so tired today to be almost unbearable. He wants to sleep so badly and just can’t. So the sleep tech is sending everything over to their pediatric specialist, who is, of course, on vacation until July 12. Great. So now we’re in a holding pattern until the specialist gets back and gets in touch with us. But we are relieved beyond words that something did actually show up on the sleep study and now maybe we can get some more answers. Poor kid. I’m really hoping that if we can get the sleep thing fixed (tonsillectomy is certainly possible, he’s got huge tonsils, courtesy of lil’ ole’ me), behavior will stabilize, potty training disasters will be a thing of the past, and world peace will descend upon the planet. Or something like that.

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  1. Karin

    Well, that’s good news – sort of. Not good news that there is something wrong, but good news you found out what was wrong. I hope that things get better now you know the cause.

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