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It’s February 1st. NO ONE GET SICK!
It’s February 1st. NO ONE GET SICK!

It’s February 1st. NO ONE GET SICK!

Ah, the first day of February. Or, as we’ve been calling it ’round these parts, “DON’T GET SICK NOW!,” aka the day our new health insurance goes into effect. The one that’s going to cost more for less coverage. Yeah, that one. I don’t have insurance cards, the HSA debit card, and I have to pick up a prescription today. Yeah, good thing my thyroid medication isn’t for a life-threatening condition.

I started today with a to-do list that had me hyperventilating and my throat closing up. Dawn, bless her heart, talked me off the ledge through IM and now, with some lunch, Coke Zero, and a bunch of M&Ms in me, I think I’ll live. Still looking forward to some wine tonight, though.

…note…I started this three hours ago, am on my second Coke Zero, and have to leave in a half hour. Did much get done? Yes. Do I have an answer on my HSA debit card? Yes. Can I pick up my prescription today? No. On the plus side, it’s sunny and warm. Boring post today?



  1. MoCo Mom

    Laughing (and crying) so much I don’t know where to start. Diet Coke and M&M’s were my go-to magic potion yesterday. For some reason I had an anxiety attack yesterday. And that was AFTER meditating at Tai Chi class. My new health plan — what exactly IS it covering I wonder? What’s with these high deductibles, and only one office visit a year is covered?? Guess the good news is that my job is, um, “going away”. (Gee, hope it has a nice vacation without me). At least without a job and health coverage I’ll finally be eligible for DH’s plan. And guess I should get my one ‘free’ office visit in and Rx’s refilled before I get dropped. Where’s that paper bag?

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