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It’s here, it’s here!!!
It’s here, it’s here!!!

It’s here, it’s here!!!


My pad of virtual paper is thick and fresh, with no indentations from previous writing; my cursor is freshly sharpened; the ideas mapped out kinda sorta not really no. Yes, ’tis the start of NaBloPoMo 2009! Never mind that the day is more than half over, a post is a post is a post. Unless it’s a fence post, as that is something entirely different. I’ve made sure the socks around here have been picked up, but beyond that, y’all are on your own. The glasses are over there, the liquor cabinet is in there by the files….no, other side, and if you can’t figure out where the ice is you probably shouldn’t be making yourself a double.

It’s a beeyoutiful day here in Colorado. That 18 some-odd inches of snow we got on Wednesday and Thursday is nearly gone. Wide patches of soggy grass beckon, and the boys ran out to play for awhile in shorts and no jackets. Now they (at least the older one) are shackled to homework. Expect the screaming and crying and gnashing of teeth to begin soon, followed by Act II: Parents Pouring Wine. A is yawning deeply, a combination of late night/sugar crash/daylight savings ending/ADHD meds fatigue side-effects. That he’s even sitting up amazes me; J is lying on the floor quietly whimpering. Methinks we’ll toss them in bed by 7 tonight and have a quiet Dinner Date Night. Everyone wins!

Boulder, miraculously, is still standing. A cluster of bad planning by CU this weekend. Let’s see where they went wrong, shall we? Halloween. Daylight Savings ends (extra hour for mayhem). Saturday. Full moon within 24 hours (it’s tonight, thankyouverymuch Full Moon watch I have in my sidebar). University of Colorado Homecoming. Which of these could have been scheduled better? If you said Daylight Savings, I agree. I don’t like giving up an hour of light at the end of the day, and I’m so tuned to waking early that I didn’t get my extra hour of sleep. I’d like it at a date more agreeable to me, thank you.

Ahh, what a month of NaBloPoMo I have ahead of me! Holiday preparations (oh holy hell, holiday preparations…), travel for Thanksgiving, ongoing fun with twice-exceptionalities, and the very real possibility of documenting a real-time nervous breakdown! (See aforementioned holiday preparations!) Thirty awesome days and posts ahead.



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