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It’s not Spring Break if you’re not holding down a screaming hysterical child
It’s not Spring Break if you’re not holding down a screaming hysterical child

It’s not Spring Break if you’re not holding down a screaming hysterical child

Yes, indeed, there ain’t nuttin like holding down an almost 9 year old child who needs to have blood drawn. A is having a minor surgical procedure to determine once and for all if he has Hirschsprung’s Disease (unlikely at this age) or if something else causing his GI issues, so today we had the pre-op appointment, complete with blood work. But wait! That isn’t the best of it! He has to have this done because when he had a procedure a year ago, the path slides from the area in question are unreadable, missing, or both, hence needing it done again. But there’s more! I scheduled this procedure for this Thursday, so he wouldn’t miss any more school, and lo and behold, the person scheduling it borked it the hell up and we weren’t on the schedule! So now he gets to miss a day of school next week! And the very best part of all is…our insurance changed in February to a high deductible savings account! Wheeee!!!!!

Would you believe that this wasn’t the most stressful part of the last 72 hours?

I can’t talk about any of it at this point, but the stressball I was last week has improved only in that I no longer want to kick my husband in the head as I walk out the door. That is a huge improvement. I have always believed you should never scream to the heavens, “WHAT’S NEXT?,” for the heavens will most certainly show you. And I believe I have learned in the last several days to not write on a blog about desiring change, for the universe will take notice and chuckle in a most evil manner. I am trying to go all zen on the whole situation, including the surgical procedure, but my zen is rapidly deteriorating.

On the plus side? After last week’s 12 inches of cement snow, it’s going to be in the mid-70s this week. Spring break indeed.


  1. Sheeeeeeeeeeeet! Sounds like you are having HELL of a week. Hope your sons surgery goes well. And if it makes you feel any better, MOST days I have to physically hold myself back from kicking my husband in the head. Like I would say a good 8 out of 10 days I have to retrain myself. *shudders*

  2. She is a wise woman, who does not tempt the universe with her blog. 😉

    I hear you, I hear you, I hear you! I’m sorry it’s a hard week. And I’ve learned similar lessons, like never pray for patience or else I will be sent opportunities to practice patience. Hang in there!

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