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It’s not spring, but it’s close enough
It’s not spring, but it’s close enough

It’s not spring, but it’s close enough

J, my little Velcro shadow (but that rant later), insisted I go outside with him earlier. We played for a little bit, then I sat down in the bright sunshine while he played. I closed my eyes, appreciating the warm sun on my face; it’s been a long month, and it hasn’t even been that bad. I listened to J play, barely audible over the school construction thisclose over my back fence. I think they’re building a moat. It’s the newest thing in school security. I read that somewhere. I think dragons are next (argue not with dragons, for thou art crunchy and go well with ketchup. I love that quote). I could hear the shouts in Spanish, the beepbeepbeep of the cement truck. The sun blinded me through my eyelids. I could smell…what is that? Is that the smell of thawing ground? It can’t be, it’s too early! And “Roger the Wonder Shrub, the Rhubarb Plant Hell-Bent on World Domination” is still a’slumber. He’s an earlier riser, too; spring has sprung when he begins to stretch skyward. (note to self: do something with the 40 cups of chopped rhubarb in the freezer immediately!!!) Must be the scent of moist disturbed soil from the construction. I sat, warm in my parka, hands in my pockets, face turned to the sun, recharging my solar panels. Spring will come, spring will come.


  1. No kidding. The THAW is never an expression the midwest has understood until this year. CRAZY here in Illinois. ANNOYINGLY CRAZY in a cabin-fever-stay-at-home-mom-gonna-hurt-someone kind of cu-RA-zy. I’m scaring myself.

  2. Poetikat

    Mmmm! Rhubarb. l love it. Husband loathes it. Rhubarb jam, rhubarb coffee cake, rhubarb-apple pudding, can you mail me some? No. Wait. Cancel that. I think I have some I forgot in my freezer.

  3. Isn’t it wonderful when spring hits? Even if it’s just for a few days? We’ve had gorgeous weather here the past two days and I’ve been soaking it in, and I can’t even complain about our “normal” winter weather!

    Enjoy it while it lasts!

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