where wildly different is perfectly normal
It’s sunny somewhere, right?
It’s sunny somewhere, right?

It’s sunny somewhere, right?

I have SAD. It isn’t so bad anymore, used to be nasty when I lived in Iowa and growing up in Chicago. But Colorado gets 300+ days of sunshine a year, so it’s eased up a bit. But we’re on our 4th day of clouds and gloom, and it’s starting to get to me. Let’s review.

Day 1: Hey, clouds and gloom. Nice change from the blinding sunshine late in the afternoon. The boys might actually sleep past 5:30 am (HA!).

Day 2: Getting twitchy. Starting to reach for the Nutella for relief. Find myself sitting by the windows. Feel the mood go up and down as the sun briefly peeks through the clouds.

Day 3: Every light in the house is on. Every light in the house has a Reveal bulb (supposed to help). Both Ott lights are on. Fanasizing about running for south Florida. Actually had to renew my passport yesterday and that didn’t help.

Day 4: All lights on. Coffee in an IV drip. Parked the kids in front of a Veggie Tales video. Irritable, cranky (ok, bitchy), nose pressed to the glass, looking for any kind of sunshine. Shaky, now fantasizing about south Florida AND the south of France. By myself. For several weeks. Doesn’t help that we’re stuck here all day, until the inspectors come and sign off on the basement work done so far. Yeah, that window of 8:30-4:30 bites. And my house is a nightmare because everything from the basement is in my garage and living room and I can’t find the freakin’ birthday presents I had for parties this month because they are somewhere in the damn garage and who the heck knows where and is the blasted sun ever going to freakin’ return ’cause if I have to watch “The Toy that Saved Christmas” all day I’m going to lose it!” Ahem.

Supposedly the sun is going to make an appearance tomorrow. And back into the 70s, instead of this 50s/fog/when-did it-return-to-November? crap. Because, hey, I’m solar-powered. How very energy-efficient of me.

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