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Jinx! Double jinx! Quadruple jinx! Infinity jinx!
Jinx! Double jinx! Quadruple jinx! Infinity jinx!

Jinx! Double jinx! Quadruple jinx! Infinity jinx!

(For the record, I misspelled jinx with a “k” every single time up there, even as I ordered myself not to. This indicates absolutely nothing about my Words with Friends prowess).

I’m going crazy. Yes, short trip, I know. But this is the kind of crazy where your brain tries to burrow down into the appendix, grabbing the auditory nerves along the way, in hopes of avoiding the infreakingcessant call of the young male child.


Double jinx!

Quadruple jinx!

Infinity jinx!


OhmyGod I’m going over the edge. Every.Single.Hour. Every.Single.Conversation. Every.Single.Day. Both of them staring at the other, willing him to say the same word at the same time so they can yell out the JINX (damn, “k” again!) sequence. It’s gotten to the point that I’m regretting putting J into speech therapy five years ago.

And now! NOW! They are looking at me! Slowly, with an evil glimmer in the little boy eyes, they are trying to guess my next words. Given that my words are usually “Quit yelling!” and “Good Lord, get off the dog before she bites you!” and “Please. Please, for the love of all things holy, sit your butt down and do your homework,” it’s not so hard to guess my next word.

Ladies and gentlemen! It’s an all new game! Guess Jen’s next words! She’s like a pull-string doll! What phrase will robotically exit her lips next? Step right up and make your wager!


I’m hoping this is just a phase. A very, very short-lived phase.

I probably just jinxed it.


  1. Melissa

    We have that in our house too! Except there are more steps to it, with “master jinx” and some other jinx (OMG I just put k in jinx twice too!) before “you owe me a soda”!!

  2. ugh, yeah. Make this one stop. Does having Mom play something ruin it for them? If so, just jinx them until they run off screaming. Around here we have “I’m hungry (or fill in the blank)” “Oh, hi, Hungry” Make it go away.

  3. Nancy

    At our house (and in our car) it goes like this:
    Double jinx!
    Triple jinx! (giggling starts)
    Quadruple jinx!
    Quintuple jinx! (continues into laughing)
    Sextuple jinx!
    (pause) Mom, what’s seven?
    Septuple jinx!
    Octuple jinx!
    (pause) Mom, what’s the prefix for nine?
    Non or nona, I’m not sure which.
    Nontuple jinx!
    Mom, what about ten?
    Dec, like decagon and decimal.

  4. unknown

    this is so popular at home but it usually only happens when we are playing a tv game and the family yell out the answer then ‘i got it right you did not!’ then it goes into the jinxes it get really annoying.

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