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Kids, creativity, and cardboard
Kids, creativity, and cardboard

Kids, creativity, and cardboard

Have you seen the Caine’s Arcade video that’s gone viral this week? No? Shame, shame. Take ten and watch:


Sorry, probably should have warned you to have tissues handy. Or maybe I’m just a little emotional today.

Kids and cardboard. Two great things that go great together. Give kids basic tools and get the heck out of their way. They can find the solution to any problem (summertime boredom) and have a great time while doing it. Caine is an amazing kid; A and I watched this together, just thrilled to see such a positive story. A wants to be him and go see the arcade (dude, you and Caine are cut from the same cloth, and we’re not heading to California any time soon).

Too bad I dumped all the moving boxes from last summer. We would have had the answer to summertime boredom right there.


  1. My kids and I enjoyed it the other day. Yes, I love the creativity they can find when they’re bored. Did you know you can buy a kit so you’ll know where to color and make your “own” cardboard playhouse? You know, so you won’t do it wrong.

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